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If Life Sucks

Posted by Dale at January 31, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Philosophical

If life sucks I suggest you look at your choices.
People who make bad choices are prone to whine their life sucks. Avoid all of these: playing with fire or explosives, marrying someone you have known for less than a year, getting addicted to drugs or alcohol, committing acts that end in terminal illness - ie: smoking, or congregating with people with the IQ less than your socks.
Take responsibility for your actions, and know you have control over your life to change it. For example, if your significant other is beating you - run. Coose your next significant other with some other value rating than they stayed on the mechanical bull for more than 8 seconds, or is the Oklahoma Foos-ball champ.
Also, an education is important, so is brushing your teeth. Eating what a whale a consumes per day yourself is neither recommended nor guaranteed to make you healthy, wealthy, or wise.
Finally, if your life sucks, look in the mirror and blame the person who made the choices. Life is tough, that is why I gave you tough love.
Now stop blaming God, other people, and live your life. Make the right choices.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 12:36

And whats you excuse for being here? To spread good cheer? i admit alot of thee people make their own problems, but if you took the time to read more, you'd see there are people who have been sexually and physically abused and the last thing they need is a pep talk on how it's their fault.
By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 13:05

Amen, i tell ya, people here are just sooo insensitive, it makes my teeth grit
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 12:34

I suggest you grow up. Who told you life would be fair or without pain? Ah-ha, nobody
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 12:56

Find me one post on this site from the sexually abused. Uh huh, none.
Most are from convicts and drug addicts who made their choices, or the general whiners. Again find me one post from the sexually abused.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 22:21

I have read MANY that said they were sexually abused.
By God at 07,Jun,10 20:06 Fold Up

To thy sinner called "Anonymous 11:56 of Feb 2nd"

I predict much butt-rapeage to thy buttocks in your future.
Please rid yourself of thy "Needle-Dick" -itis and douche-baggitry.

By anonymous at 05,Feb,10 13:05

I sense a conservative in our midst. Why are you even on a site like this? Go watch Rush. If we all hate our lives, we should just get an advanced education and make more money. Ahhh, to be a conservative.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 13:04

Maybe that is the point. Get off your ass and get an education. Hmmm ... seems you defeat your own point with your own piffle. What has whining accomplished in life?

I sense a pablum puker in our midst.
By God at 07,Jun,10 20:10

AND I sense douche-baggitry in the midst!

Anonymous of thy March 16 of thy 12:04, please get thy cure for the "Needle-dick" syndrome and cease thy Bull-Shit-itry.

Thy future message for yee...
"Don't Drop-eth thy Soap-eth"

By Hill at 16,Feb,10 18:32

Good advise, but my friend it is easier said than done. We would all like to think that if we made good choices we could minimize misery and pain and live to our full potental. No one wants to admit that we have a LOT less control than we think. Illness, Job Loss, lonliness, depression, accidents... you can have a near-perfect life and than bam. Also, genetics play a great factor into your capabilities, attractiveness, health, disposition for addiction, etc. We can't chose those...
By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 13:11

Obviously if you can't "choose" it you have no control. You run a double entundrum in your post.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,10 14:01

yeah been called a whiner before and itdose nothing but piss me off. yes i was abused yes i was betrayed didnt see it coming actualy belived in love trust and friends
now i find it to be narcisym

By anonymous at 26,Feb,11 17:00

I would like to be there when some endlessly bad shit happens to Dale in spite of all his (her?) perfect choices. Ooooh I can't wait! You must be young. But your time will come. That's life!

By anonymous at 25,Sep,11 22:35

I don't do drugs, I live with a decent guy, not in debt, somewhat descent looking. My life sucks because of debilitating depression. This is the cause of me not having a descent education or job. Didn't do anything to deserve that!

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