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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2011
Tags: Bad Luck  Childhood  Family  2011 June  Money

I grew up under horrible circumstances, born to two alcoholic and drug addict parents. My father molested my older half brother and sister for many years. Parents divorced when I was 12 and my mother moved in with a drug dealer. She took my younger brother with her and abandoned my younger sister and I. We were left alone, sometimes to be looked after by our older alcoholic bi-polar brother. When I was 14 we were evicted and my mother moved us in with her boyfriend. There was never any food in the house and I couldn't even eat anything that required a spoon because they were all blackened from drug use. When I was 16 the state took us away and we went to live with our older sister. It was a godsend. I graduated high school with straight A's and art honors.

I dated a deadbeat alcoholic for five years and I finally had had enough this past December and kicked him out. I was promoted at work and so happy that I would be able to finally have extra money to save. It turned out that the promotion wasn't a good thing. My hours were cut by more than 12 a week and I can barely afford my rent now. My car broke down in March and because I barely get any hours at work I haven't been able to get it fixed. I depend on friends for rides as I have no family with a car. I work at 5a almost everyday and haven't slept in months. I've lived in my apartment for two years and it's literally falling in. The people upstairs have flooded my bedroom half a dozen times and there's mold growing everywhere. The pantry room off my kitchen has a busted pipe and leaks sewage down the walls from the upstairs apartment. My landlord worked on it for a couple days, but hasn't been back in months to finish. It smells horrid and I fear for my health. I have no health insurance and haven't been to a doctor since 2005. I've lived on my own and supported myself since I was 18 and it's terrifying knowing that I have no one to depend on if I needed it.


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By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 13:51

After all that you have already overcome so far there is no reason that you can't make it through this. Just keep your head up and keep fighting.

By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 15:16

Well when life puts you down, get back up and keep on moving forward. If you do that, you can accomplish anything. Hope I helped :)

By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 20:18

I found your post by accident, while looking up horse medications! I am impressed by your ability to stay the course. I think you already know that life will get better. In the meantime try to cherish any worthwhile relationship. Friendship really helps.

By Missy at 25,Jul,11 01:26

I work for Galaxy Enter prises and I was promted as well but My hours were not cut and I have a top postion. It sound like you one mis fortune after another My exboyfreind almost killed in a fit of rage and I rid of him. I ws so close dead but I fouhgt to recover.I own my house and own a lot. I going to a house there t some point and if you would like I would when It is done and I will see in my job as nay opening For assiants or sales reps. We train in sales. that is where I started but I did sales for two years then i got ptormted this my second pormotion. My freins who died in fire was up for it but I ws next line my bass gave to me. I love my job.

By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 09:38

put your rent in escrow until the landlord fixes the problem. Write him a letter telling him you are doing that ( and mentioning how long the problem has been going on, when you told him about it (each time), and when he has begun but failed to fix the problem). Keep a copy of the letter for documentation. You will be surprised how fast landlords get off their asses when you put something in writing. they know what's up.

Perhaps you can look for other part-time work to make up the difference. Obvioulsy it's not easy to find any work right now, but look around and think what you might be able to do. You might be able to bring a little more in that way. or you could try talking to your supervisor at work about how you could possibly get more hours.
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 22:52

yeah call the board of health.. make them see the apartment... if theres one thing you can do to improve your life, its that,. stay strong.

By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 14:13

Can you find another appartment? In that building or elsewhere?
what you describe doesn't sound safe... Maybe you could even find some free legal help and medical help if needed? Check what is available locally?
Sorry to hear about your bad past, you've really come a long way!!
Also check if there's a support group you could join - maybe AlAnon or for relatives of drug addicts or such? (It may be for free and you might find other helpful people there?)
There are AlAnon and such online forums too, if you can't find anything locally...

By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 21:05


By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 02:59

Live your life as if every prayer has been answered.

By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 21:04

Pray pray and pray. Life can seem so hopeless especially when you are at the mercy of screwed up adults! Keep going, you will get to that place of peace and stability! :) don't let your landlord get away with what he's doing. Report him to the appropriate authorities. He sounds like a slum lord! Rent a comfy, clean and safe room for a while. Do housecleaning under the table for a while or even a cashier job close to home for a little extra cash will help. You're a strong person and deserve great things! You WILL get them! :)

By anonymous at 13,Aug,11 09:34

Wow you are a badass

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 22:17

Keep God in your heart. Afer everything you have been through you are giving up now. Move, fine another apartment. Go to the Wefare office and find low income apartments. They based on your income. They should have a list, they are not bad places. Go check them out. Find a room to rent, anything is better than where you are. Try to find a part time job. You can make it you are a strong person. God loves you because he bleseed you with common sense and how to over come the bad.

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