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Why bother

Posted by P2 at June 30, 2011
Tags: Bad Luck  Friendship  2011 June  Money

So let's go in order. The girl I liked and who I thought liked me turned me down for a guy she had admitted to not liking.

No big deal really, happens to us all. Then the community college I was taking classes at tells me I'm not allowed to take anymore classes due to a bill for a class I didn't take.

Fine, I'll sort that out, even though it'll cost me a year of my life. Then I get in a wreck. Not my fault and the damage is minor, but it still takes my car out for a month.

Then my house gets robbed. They took everything I had of value; TV, computer, video games, you name it. This is 3 days before Christmas.

Then some "friends" come over and one of them gets into an argument with me. He is drunk and takes a swing at me, misses, and I hit back. Now none of my friends want to talk to me because they think I hit first. None of them are willing to listen. Fine, I'll make new friends.

Then I get laid off. I now have no job, no friends, and little self-esteem. I still have my roommate and my car and some prospects though.

I decide to join the Air Force. I am on my way to meet the recruiter when a 90 year old lady in a boat of an Olds turns left without a signal and totals my car as I am going through an intersection. So now I'm injured, have no car, and can no longer join the AF.

I am depressed at this point. Nothing is going right. I figure I can't get much lower than this.


My roommate loses his job and instead of finding another one, decides to mope about for a couple of months. Being the nice guy I am, I had put all the bills in my name because his credit score was too low at the time. Now he is not paying me for bills or rent. I have used up my entire savings because of him since the lease is in both our names and the bills are in mine.

I was laid off again a month ago and am now eating ramen and thinking about selling everything I own to pay off my debt and then taking as many sleeping pills as possible. I have no friends, I have no prospects, I have no money, I have no job, I have no skills, I literally have nothing. Even if I do everything I can to dig myself out of this hole that others have dug for me, how can I be happy? How can I be happy knowing that this is the world I live in? I mean, why bother?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Aug,11 19:07

Tight ass

By anonymous at 22,Aug,11 19:10

You should just kick back and watch gay porn while fondleling ur anus! Good times... Or better yet, jack off to Howards Sterns voice on the radio while oogling over Bill Orieleys pretty face! Ouch!!!!!

By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 16:18

i don't know if you believe in God or not, but one thing i have learned from experience is that he puts difficulties in your path because he thinks you are strong enough to handle them. he is watching over you and is always there to help if you just ask him. you will get through this, you just need to have faith. i promise you that this won't last forever. We all have our own cross to bear, and God doesn't give you more than you can handle.

You literally have nothing? You have my prayers and the Lord himself. I will tell others to pray for you as well. Please don't give up.

By at 18,Oct,11 18:37

I'm praying for you too. It won't always be this bad. You don't have to be happy right now but find peace in your situation. Know that it isn't permanent.

Find some free or really cheap things to occupy your time like reading, running/jogging, go site seeing or hicking, go to a free museum, find a dollar movie theater, go to the library and research the future that you want, find non-profit organizations that might be able to help you or volunteer somewhere to help others that are having difficulty too. Matter of fact, a friend of mine went to a non-profit organization to get assistance and walked out instead with a job.

So occupy your time with positives and watch how things will start to change. God Bless and the best of luck. This world needs good hearted people like you around. And if no one has ever said it, thank you for your kindness. Someday you will be rewarded for it. :)

By at 31,Oct,11 08:08

Cant you get some kind of disabled benefit off the goverment? Anyway, even if your injury was permanent, if you learn to perform like a comedian or a motivational speaker, you can make a living.
Disable olympic could be your destiny too if you want it to be.

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