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what a life

Posted by anonymous at February 7, 2010
Tags: Anger  Family  2010 February  Juvenile problems  Loneliness

Right from school i had no great friends.This kinda pained me when i got into middle school.i got one good friend.She too hurt my feelings and left.My father is an alcoholic & not affectionate.I wanted someone to share my feelings.
Inaddition to this i was teased by my classmates.The hard part was i didnt know y i was teased.I was criticised for whatever i did.
I thought this hell would b over once i reach college.But its not.its still continuing.My fucking classmates are laughing r whispering something when i passby r sit in front of them.
This is driving me crazy.I am pretty sensitive.I am also having hairfall because of those fuckers.fucking bitches & bastards.
I am afraid that this would continue beyond college


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By at 08,Feb,10 20:29

No!! its not going to continue in college becuase i'm living proof. College is WAY more maturer then regular school. The kids who are there teasing you, probably arent the ones that are college material anyway beucase you see how they act and if this is how they act, they wont make it in college. Plus College has a better disciplinary system and professors wont put up with any clowing around. Harassment is also taken seriously, you could be supsended for the semester (which is around 4 to 5 months) or kicked out of a particular college. There are also on-campus police/security.

I've been to college for 3 and a half years and i have yet seen any foolish people, and the thing about college is that youre not putting up with KIDS, there are adults here that range from 18 to even 69+ years old, and you get to meet so many kinds of people!!!! College gives you a better place to breathe and feel comfortable in your shoes. YOu won't have to look over your shoulder, wondering who's talking about you or laughing at you or who's kicking your chair. College makes me HATE regular school becuase its soooo much better and maturer.

Look, 80% of kids who go to school WILL and HAVE been picked on. I was there and i went through it all, such as Rumors about me being a lesbian, that i stink, i have a big nose, that i put tissue in my bra (this was on the FIRST day of 4th grade so i have no idea how that started.), Some kid hit me with a rock during lunch shift and i have no idea who did this. some ghetto boy made fun of shoes becuase they werent made like his, I've even had a teacher who made my life a living hell all through 7th grade and she caused me to have a my first referral.

Dude, i can go on and on and on! Your life is not worth ending or giving up on just becuase some stupid idiots feel the need to make a show out of you. You need to understand that one day in the near future, you WILL be done with school and move on with life without ever having to see these jokers again. And i'm a true believer in Reap what you soe, one day in their lives these kids will either be hit with guilt for messing with you and other kids or go through the same situations that you are going through now. If you don't believe me, then here's an example:

a Yahoo User shared with me that he use to ride the bus with this girl who for some reason likes to make fun of special kids who have dieases or mental disorders. they were friends but he never quite understood WHY she would do this. So as time went by, they went their seperate ways having different classes, riding different buses and going to different schools. One day when they are fully grown up, they bumped into each on the streets. So they had coffee or had a little dinner to catch up with other, they are both married with kids and it so happens that HER kids (all 6 of them) came out with some kind of disorders, i think autism.

And the people who arent your friends, get rid of them NOW, becuase you don't need fake people in your life. Thats the bad thing about having friends becuase they come and go and those who don't treat you right, just open the door wider for them to leave.

CHEER up! :)

By anonymous at 02,Mar,11 06:06

Sorry you have go through this. It is horrible how evil some people can be. Dont worry about it though cuz karma will get them if not in this life then when they meet their creator(God).

By Tayyar at 05,Mar,13 08:16

a dozen or two people that I know have set up blogs, some post daily, while othres only once. a0For a while it felt cool being a trend-setter, but it didn't make me want to blog more often, in fact it became a hassle to read everyone

By Gundoszwi at 09,Sep,13 04:58

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By Gundosquo at 09,Sep,13 21:01

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