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Posted by kedon at August 23, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Unemployment

I am 46 and lost my job about 6 months ago. I have job skills yet can not find a job of any sort. I cant get a crappy burger flippin job because i am over qualified and every other job i apply for has 400 other applicants. I have worked since i was 16. I served 11 years in the military. I bought a motorcyle last year and dont know how much longer i will be getting this unemployment. I have a car payment, bike, insurance on both plus child support. I moved in with my GF last year and since i lost my job it has been hell. My mood and depression have gone to shit, i have no energy, never want to do anything or even leave the house. I am becoming hostile towards everyone and when i say anything she blows it out of proportion that i am just being angry even when i am not. i cant move cause i dont have any money. i have lived with her almost a year and none of my shit is in the house except my clothes. everything else is still in boxes in the polebarn. all i do is sit on this puter and fill out as many apps as i can for jobs that i am qualified to do. i have probably sent out 600 or so apps and resumes and have had 2 interviews. thought i had both of them as i had second interviews with both. again i think my age is working against me even though i am a proven worker, and leader from my military training and background. my faith is waivering a little, i know God has my back i just wish he would help me get a job or point me in the right direction. most times i go to bed praying that i wont wake up. i used to love riding motorcycles which is why we bought one last year. in one year of ownership it had 4K miles on it..pitiful for me..i am actually surprised it has that many on it. and if its not me not wanting to wake up its me hoping someone will just flat out run me over on the motorcycle..


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By anonymous at 20,Oct,11 16:26

There are many good people out there who can't find a job right now; you are not alone. Have you tried going in to businesses and giving the hiring manager your resume? That may be another avenue to try in addition to just applying online. Just applying online is supposed to be the least effective way to get a job because as you stated there are so many applicants. Hang in there and don't give up. The recession can't last forever.

By anonymous at 22,Oct,11 00:25

n same boat!!!

By anonymous at 22,Oct,11 13:37

Im 30 next year, I left the marines 2009 due to injury in my knees, I was so depressed. I think whats hurting you is the dependance you feel on your GF. As a soldier you learn to be self reliant, and you always feel useful. Just stay in there and keep trying for that job.

By anonymous at 22,Oct,11 22:48

i collected unemployment for 2 years. they make it seem like it is always about to run out, but it is really two years. it is likely the same for you. but after 2years no more. at least you have a girlfriend and a home of some kind. i have nothing and am writing this from a kindle in my car. i even got rejected by the military for blood pressure. i agree about wanting to die. life is terrible and this world is unfair. there is no freedom. no real need for people. life has lost meaning. i hope every day for the apocolypse. hell on earth would give my life value or at least put a quick end to ailess meandering.. i am very cold now. i am running out of money. when youre in your cozy bed with your girl and think of how your life sucks, think if me. the guy in the beat up car and 20 bucks in the bank.enjoy cozy love while it lasts. fml

By anonymous at 23,Oct,11 16:59

Life doesn't suck unless you sit here on this computer complaining that it sucks. Get off your butt, stop the computer applications and go in person. Add your stuff in with your girlfriends and appreciate her for who she is and that she is there for you. I know it's hard dude, but it's only as hard as we make it. Your life is awesome. Trust me, I've come out of 8 surgeries, almost met the good Lord Jesus twice of those times. I have scars all over my body and for a woman that is so hard. We're supposed to be perfect. I'm 53, no husband, no job, on medicare, barely a home and yet I am so glad to be a part of this world. You too! I'm so glad you are here and I want you to go knock on doors until you have a job. Screw the internet applications, that will get you nowhere. I don't know you, but I know you need to go kiss that woman you are with, and be ever so grateful you are not going through your shit alone. I am. It sucks! But... you aren't alone and that is awesome. Take care.

By anonymous at 28,Nov,11 22:57

Hear hear!

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