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Can't wait to get OUT

Posted by Dont wanna know at August 31, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Family

I have a drug addict dad and a spineless mom. I can not STAND how manipulative he is. He blames everyone around him. If he doesnt get to smoke 2-4 times a day, hes an ass and makes sure everyone around him is miserable. im still 16 and God willing, I get my license in a month so i can LEAVE when he starts. Hes always talking down to me, my parents are always screaming at each other, bringing me into it somehow, one trying to get me to side with the other. If i dont agree with my mom, she cries; if i dont agree with my dad, he freaks out, calling me a psycho, saying how im just like my mother. But i could handle that maybe if it was constant. Its the fact that when i get home im always thinking," how is he gonna act now?" hes bipolar. a second ago he was saying how he was gonna beat my ass (im a girl btw) and now hes acting all chipper. im going INSANE. I cant stand it here anymore and im so afraid im going to end up like my parents when im older. I just wanna get out. get out now so my life wont suck anymore than it does.


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By anonymous at 29,Oct,11 10:17

The first step toward getting free of these emotional tethers is to find "emotional intelligence." Understand yourself and who you are. Always ask if you're doing the right thing, and how you can "be better." Not to be better than someone else, but to be someone worth respecting. You won't end up like your parents, if you try.

I sincerely hope you find your footing. I remember getting my first car. It was incredible freedom. When I was younger, all I wanted was freedom from my awful home life.

Just take all your problems and break them down into a game plan of "getting the fuck out." That's what I did and now I live states away from my parents and am building my life the way I want it to be.

In school I did tons of sports and turned to the "posi-hardcore" scene, which was all about young kids finding common ground against growing up and the hypocrisy of adulthood. B

ands like "Modern Life is War," and "Have Heart." I would work out just to punish my body and be away from my parents. "Be the person you want to be" was what my wrestling coach once told me. I focused on school, and I focused on wrestling.

Good luck, and you're not alone. We're all dealing with the failings of our parents.

By at 30,Oct,11 09:45

I was in a similar situation for half of my childhood. I will say to you, move out ASAP, and dont ever look back. Abandon your family. Start telling others that you are an orphan.

With plenty of pre-meditation on money, transport, and practicalness. Leave your current school and home by disappearing to other state, and find your-self a new place there. Swear by whatever greater things that you will not fall to any addiction. Money problem? Find a job, or be your own boss by opening your legs and providing condom to rich kids who are also under age at private schools. Where? google it. When you pitch your-self, do so to other kids who drive fancy cars or better cars. Always prepare to cover your face from any cell's camera.

Surive with that money. Keep you-self fit and attractive in the process. When you are old enough, go dancing with you legs, and your money will come easier. Education? you have an easy job when you are 18, go take some certificates or diploma studies, then you wont be too qualified for any job. Loniliness? be friend with your customers XD

Be determined with whatever you are going to do. You body is a mere tool, and only your consciousness is real. Be your own leader and controller.

Most importantly remake your-self by observing and hanging out positive people and learn to act and think like they do in years to come. Then you will never turn out like your parents.

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