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my life the septic tank of of shit

Posted by thelostsoul at September 12, 2011
Tags: Abuse  Childhood  Relationship  2011 September

at 5 i was sexualy abused by a man my mom left me with when she went to work by 10 i had been molested and screw with by a few people in my family and some kid from baby i went into my teens i was sexualy assulted by two people and a friends dad.spent a few months in a mental hospital was on many meds till i was 16. i was pick on beaten in school kiddnaped ones and shot at.abandoned by isnt in my life treats like a out cast. moms in lala land and in another world. spent many years sense 12 trying to kill myself with drinking and drugs but couldnt really kill myself because i lost my grandpa and two uncles to suicide so i didnt want to do that to my mom all over again.then at 19 still trying to figure out who i was and what the hell to do i meet a girl who was 15 and we fell in love she was the first person i wanted to have sex with she was very experienced i wasnt her first. so we were together for a month and and someone turned me in for being with her and a cop picked me up and said that she had told them that i raped her and being the dumbass and very young minded i said i didnt rape her we are girlfriend and boyfriend and yes we had sex bam that was a confession so in my small ass town i lived in they decided to slaughter me they put my picture on the front page of the paper and lumped me with four other cases of sex offenders and make it look like a sex ring and so the life sentence began there. the judge said i would be charged with sex abuse in the third and it was a misdemeanor and i would have to register for ten years and i got 12 days in jail.the first day out i was walking down the street and everyone in town started yelling stuff at me and throwing stuff at me as they drove by.that kind of stuff finally about 5 years later i was even attacked in bars when i turned 21 for being a i just start to drink even more with not direction but self destruction.did i mention i couldnt find any place to rent be cause of that so i always had to crash on friends couches or back at moms yeehaww so now lets go to 8 years ago
i meet this girl she is 25 very hot and has three kids by the way im aloud around kids i wasnt marked as a Petfile just a sex we hook up at the time im a long haul truck driver im home every weekend and she always got a baby sitter so we could go out and get drunk and go find some random place to fuck she was very wild and she caught in the time of my life were i was making alot more money than ever before and i think thats why she liked me from the start. she was living on welfare and living off of 500 and 300 food stamps a month.the whole time we dated i didnt see the kids much and low and behold she got prego i was happy to hear because thats one thing i had always wanted was a child but not child as you will find out later.a few weeks into it she got put on bed rest and she descide she was going to go stay at her exes her daughters dads house i told her she didnt need to to that i would take care of her but she would listen so she went well i broke it off with her and afew weeks later she lost our baby.i was so broken hearted a few days after i found ok she called me and was crying and i was weak and so i took her back and a few months later we got married a week after getting married we moved in together big mistake her kids were absalute brats yelling and screeming disrepeting each other and us and right from the get go she pushed me to punish them she let them walk all over her and they were out of control so now a person who has never been a father and didnt have and good parenting skills other than what i learned on tv was now pushed to spank and scald and put kids in time outs and so on.this was a night mare and so the kids would fight against me and then my wife would contradic everything i did and the she started to fight with me and put me down for now being a good dad and she would cut me down about every little thing. one night she even said that our sons death was my fault and that she wanted to marry to punish me for the rest of her life i believed her.things were so bad i had to find something so i went church and i had found what everyone told me was the grace of god i was on fire but everytime i would come home in a good mood she would shoot me down as soon as she could.things got worse and she decided to take her kids and head back with her ex and she cheated on me and me as a dumbass i thought god wanted me to try to make it work so i told her we needed to try to work it out oh by the way before she left we found out she was prego again kinda strange how when she got prego she always went back to her ex. so she comes back and she hasnt changed one bit she really got worse she would throw things at me i dodged a flying plate and it broke the window behind me.and now the skeletons start coming out. i found out she was a stripper for a 4 yrs and she had done some porn movies and she was a escort for awhile also witch as you know is a nice way of sayin prostitute.those were mind blowing i started to really think i didnt know this person.well my son was born and yes hes my son for sure looks just like me everyon calls him my mini me.and time flies im working making lots of money and she is spending it all she still acts like i owe here everthing. well her plan is still in affect.she wants another baby but after my son she got fixed so what does she decide to do she finds this 21 girl and brings her home and wants me to put a baby in her oven i didnt want to do it we faught for days and even the cops came by and asked what all the fighting was about and i told them and they just said sorry to bother you and good i said fine if we are going to do this im going to do it the old fashioned way she wanted to do it with a turkey baster butt i wanted to get her back for all the shit and pluse if im going to be rponsible for a child im going to have fun making.and she wasnt bad looking ether =) anyways this goes on for a month and out of the blue we are taking this girl to reno to get married to her boyfriend who was in prison who they wrote to get permission from for me to in pregnate . we get down there the guy is sutch a slime ball sure i slept with his wife to be but it wasnt my plan i didnt want to just tired of fighting. so now my wife didnt want the seragate to have sex with the husband to be so what does she do she goes and fucks him but i didnt know that then i just figure that out later way they got married we head back home the chick gets a devorse and leavse our house prego never to be seen agan but months later her husband now ex shows up my wife had been in contact with him she said she was going to try to help them get back to gether and also find out about the baby stat. i told i did feel good with him around and she said i cant keep her from having friends and she would tell him what i would say and he would call me up and cus me out and threatin this went on for a few months then one day the chick hes was seeing showed up all beat up and my wife started to take her to the hospital and then he showed up and ramed my car with his car and got out and started to fight with me cops showed up he when to jail. well my wife took the kids and left saying come with or stay i dont care im out of here .so i clean the house and as i was going up stairs i fell threw one of the steps and fucked up my back i lost my job my car my house and ended up in a shit hole town on welfare un able to work with a drugged up whore for a wife .the out of no were the state decides to fix my back so a week before surgery on valentines day i come home to find my wife in bed with the next door neighbors brother nice timing so i want to leave but cant move till after my surgery she agreed i could stay and she would help take care of me.i awoke out of surgery shes holding my hand being all sweet we get home im in a back brace four days later she goes and hooks up with that guy and i call around and found her at his sisters house i tell them she need s to get home and help me with the kids they ask who i was and i said her husband they got pissed she had lied and said she wasnt ever married she got into a fist fight with this guys sister they had been seeing each other for six months behind my back. she came home me in a back brace and she starts slaming me around and hitting me i pick up the phone and call 911 i tell the opperater everthing and my wifes in the background yelling he hit me he hit me help im bleeding they ask to talk to her i hand the phone to her and she sounds like the devil talking to them full of lies so what happens next the cops show up they put me in the back of the car back brace and all and luckily i had friends there to tell my side of the story it to 30 minutes .so that was it i call 6 friends and they came over and packed me up and i took my son and left my back is better now but still hurts alittle i found another crazy bitch but im going to leave her before its to late so yeah things get better i cant wait till they do. life these days are so full of drama its everywhere i try to hide from it and run from it butt people hide it from you till one day they let it out like a big fart.oh by the way my job sucks,my family still sucks, my relationship sucks,my health is getting worst and im only 35 and my son is a trouble maker at have a great day


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Nov,11 00:55

Lol, funny story

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 15:14

learn how to spell please. (:

oh and p.s. kill yourself whiny ass.

By anonymous at 05,Jan,12 12:53

its really messed up

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 22:47

You're a MAN suck it up! Take it! You are male

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 01:27

wow, those are really rude comments ^. I hope the author of this posts realizes that he is not the only one in this situation.

By at 27,Apr,12 08:56

Please get help for yourself. Nobody deserves abuse, and you need to be well for your son. You are not stupid. uve just been badly

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