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life is not easy

Posted by anonymous at September 18, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 September

life as a teen is not cool...because no body gets you
and you are all alone in the harsh world you build
for your your self...and you are so alone in there
when you are a teen ..well... you have to lie
because in a teen life lies save you from punishments...big punishments
but when those lies come to you
and you face them.........well it gets so depressing
when your a teen and you are kill your me
i tried to kill myself a few times
why?? because i wanted to die to get rid of my of life...and my lies
and my parents..and every crappy thing in my life
i am so lonely in life
i live in a crappy
old home...i am 100% depressed
and i have to live with it
i hate my parents and they hate me
but i have to live with them and they have to like me
that is not fair ....i am dying in my own thoughts
i think of killing my self all most every second...minute..hour
my father hates me and he wants me dead
i am my mother's number one enemy ...and she has to shut me up with
sleeping peels...........and i have to live with it
why do we teens have to be scared of you parents?
why do you want us to act like you??
what don't you like about us??
i wrote this letter for parents that claim to be good
you don't like the way that we live
but hey... we don't like your way of living too
someday you will realize that we don't need you no more
and trust me...that day will come soon
my name is Emme and i'm 14
thanks for reading my stupid letter


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 09:12

that was actually good
for 14 year old

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 10:20

i think your right honey parents are harsh
some of them are really asses
By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 10:21

i agree

By at 23,Sep,11 07:00

look girl
life is not easy so go along with it
if you cant do that you better go and die
in stead of wasting our time
By anonymous at 21,Oct,11 16:36

shut the fuck up u piece of shit

that shit what that girl just posted is very fucking painful and asses like you will never understand that

so go fuck yourself dude and stop making other peoples lifes more difficult
By Tommy at 27,Oct,11 10:16

i really agree
By at 13,Nov,11 02:41 Fold Up

You are a freaking asshole. You read this YOURSELF, you took the time to write this YOURSELF, you wasted your own god damn time YOURSELF fuck bag.

You have no compassion at all for someone whose suffering at so young an age.

If you don't like listening to people write about their problems, then don't even BE on this site unless YOURE looking for attention.

By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 20:17

Talking to yourself is not a sign of good mental health, you know. It's obvious all above comments was made by the author of the story, even if I did not knew the pages are invisible to commentators until approved and all those comments are dated before the approval.

As for all that "Being teen is hard because no one gets you" - I don't really understand it. I remember being a teen and honestly I did not give a fuck then if somebody understands me or not. I had a lot of hobbies and was busy exploring them and happy about that. All that seemed so fresh and interesting that I was not wasting my time thinking about who understands me and who don't.

Now I'm nearly 40. And now most of former hobbies are not interesting to me anymore. Worse than that, almost noting at all excites me. Not that I experienced that much, there are people who experience much more, but still I experienced a lot and it was enough to become bored of life. And now I have a problem about no one understanding me. I'm smarter than average people, I learned more and I experienced more so average people just don't get how I think and don't care about things I talk and I in my turn don't care about their petty problems. There are only 2 or 3 persons in this world it's interesting to speak with for me. And 2 of them live far away. No, I'm sure there are interesting people and people much smarter than me, it's just that I'm not familiar with them.

So, this is a problem. To be 40 and to have no one to speak with and have nothing that excites or interests. Because I realize that there is nothing ahead that may change this.

And you, who now whining about no one understanding you at your 14 - you will simply grow up to be average not very smart adult and will have a lot of people who are equal to you and are interesting for you to speak with.
By at 13,Nov,11 02:52

Everyone has their own problems. Maybe you can't relate to hers. So stop whining about your own, and if you want sympathy, make your own post instead of trying to get sympathy from another's because that's what it looks like here.

You said, "I really don't understand it". NO, you don't--because everyone has they're own problems, everyone experiences things differently, and problems that seemed okay to you might be horrible for others.

Seriously, don't assume you can apply your own experiences to someone else and say they have nothing to worry about.

Saying you're smarter than the average person? You have some serious superiority issues my friend, and apparently, your emotional IQ seems to be lacking. Really now, you--a 40 year old man--is freaking "asserting" how superior you are to a 14 year old girl? You're such a laugh.
By anonymous at 13,Nov,11 19:34

Your reply only confirms previous statement. You obviously do not comprehend that post. So yes, I'm intellectually superior, and it's no fun at all.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 16:16

Geesh! Deadman...

By check out these guys! at 16,Oct,13 11:59

lwiksz Wow, great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

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