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Eat a dick life.

Posted by Loser at September 24, 2011
Tags: Family  Job  Justice  Money  2011 September

Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!! I have three kids, no job, a cripple wife goimg througj opiate,withdrawal, which by itself is pretty shitty. Im also a full time college student failing everything cause I have no fucking help taking care of three small kid. Im scared to leave them home with my wife while I make the hour drive to school because she doesnt wake up some days, if she does she barely gets off the couch. My house is fucking disgusting, im gome at school all day, when I get home its dinmer, bathtime,bedtime, homework till 1am, then up at 5. This all sucks pretty bad, but I,also have to pay childsupport for two kids, two moms in another state, for kids I never see. Worse still, they took me to court when I was makimg 75k a year, so my child support payment is highr than my morgtage, which I cant pay cause my job was,shipped to china. I cant get the courts to modify child support because im out of state and cant afford a lawyer. I also have a crazy tiny penis, and weird butthair. I pray every single day for a fucking comet to slam into the earth and destroy my miserable life. Fuck me, I hate myself, I hate my life, I despise everythimg about me. If I wasnt such a damn coward, id headbutt the sidewalk till I died.


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New Comment

By messiah at 17,Nov,11 18:48

Just chop that little pecker off n headbutt it on the side walk.
By deadman at 17,Nov,11 19:19

yeah he should chop it off.....he wants to be a woman!

By anonymous at 17,Nov,11 20:53

Why do i fear for my safety? I dont, whats wrong with posting as anonymous? N whats the to post w/a name?

By anonymous at 17,Nov,11 20:56

Whats the point of posting with a name?
By at 17,Nov,11 23:03


By anonymous at 18,Nov,11 03:21

Look whos talking.(?????? Poster)
By deadman at 18,Nov,11 09:43

that was me posted there ?????????? to prove my point, and looks like i did! haw haw!

By anonymous at 18,Nov,11 22:14

Everybody here can go SUCK A NUT!!!! LOSERS!!!!
By at 19,Nov,11 00:25

if we are losers, who are you the loser who posted the story at the top? your the KING LOSER WHO SUCKS DONG!

By anonymous at 19,Nov,11 01:08

The only LOOSERS here are the posters that post stupid post (AHHHHH post)that dont even have it bad compare to alot of posts! !!those are the REAL LOOSERS!! read all the post on this site and youll see what im talking about LOOSER!!!
By at 19,Nov,11 01:48

god damn son your retarded! it's not looser it's loser. loser is you fool. it's not looser like in looser not tighter. the fact you said looser 3 times makes YOU a LOSER (but not a looser) ah....drop dead tool.

By anonymous at 19,Nov,11 01:55

Go suck a nut!!
Dr.truth,your a loser too!
By at 19,Nov,11 11:08

your just mad because i made you look like the jack ass you are son!

By at 19,Nov,11 02:12

Who are you? The cop spelling checker?
By at 19,Nov,11 11:10

the cop spelling checker? yes ok i am! who are you the spell like a retard looser moron?

By at 19,Nov,11 19:12

By the way, i wasn't the one that wrote that. I just happened to be reading this and i notice that you correct people in a rude way..if you show respect you will receive respect.just a little advice.. :)
By at 19,Nov,11 20:43

dr.truth tells things in a non caring way but i tell them THE TRUTH. i'm really a sweetie pie but act like a drill sargent because it god damn gets me off. i show no respect and i don't want or need any either so screw off maggot! the truth has set me free!

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 18:25

: }

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 20:35

(( : 0

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 20:51

{ : []

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 20:57


By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 21:13

What did the iguana tell the chicken?????
By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 11:17

he said don't be a dipshit like this retarded child posting crap jokes like a fruit.

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 22:03

The iguana said: SHUT THE FUCK UP!! ALL YOU CHICKEN HEADS!!!! Funny huh?
By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 11:15

total funking loser. don't be like this wack off. wacka wacka!

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 10:59

8====D~~ chicken shit cocksuckers do it at midnight in closets like cowards.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 15:31

Ooh.. Snap...deadman sounds mad..did some body tell you THE TRUTH about you commenting on your OWN comments? THE TRUTH will upset people,therefore words like the these will come out...
By deadman at 21,Nov,11 17:24

funny thing snaps the coon why you want me so bad nigger. why in the fuck do you NEED me so bad you flaming homo? you could not stop your gay nigger ass could you boy. for all your truth talk you never tell the truth and have jack shit to say. just to get a reaction from me. look gay shit enough of this. this site will ban you soon enough so keep fucking over the real people that have real shit to say. fuck off.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 20:00

Angry words that THE TRUTH brought

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