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why me?

Posted by anonymous at October 1, 2011
Tags: Childhood  Drugs  Family  Money  2011 October

Life has sucked right from he beginning. My mother is a junkie and let my grandparents take over so they were legally our (me and my sister) guardians without even putting up a fight. She chose drugs over us abandoned us and moved to another country, which to be fair was abit of a relief since i was the oe looking after me and my little sister from the age of 5. I got bullied my whole life because i had no confidence. I had glasses spots and braces all throughout school. My grandparents found my little sisters dad and she moved over there, i was glad for her but at the same time she was the person i was closest to and i felt abandoned yet again. My grandparents were very strict with me (i'm half asian, says it all). They made me change school and go to a catholic school so as you can imagine it was pretty fucking awesome being the only "coloured" person there and gave them more reason for bullying. I Literally had no friends, my gran was always working or at the bingo and my granda was not someone you sat in a room and chatted with, i had no-one. The older i got the more strict they became. When i eventually made a friend I was not allowed to go out or to theit house which cause tension in the friendship because she seen it as my fault and couldn't understand. I then had a group of friends as i got a bit older (15/16) i was still nt allowed out with them. When we all turned 18 and they were experiencing new things like drinking, going out, boyfriends, you know normal stuff that everyone goes through, i was stuck sitting in a house myself looking at 4 walls. my mother ended up back on the scene, she had a baby boy at the age of 41. i refused to see him at first because i didn't want to get close and then for her to run away. my family talked me into seeing him and i did, i loved him so much, he looked just like my little sister when she was a baby. 5 months later and she attemepted to commit suicide, my little brother was taken into care and we haven't seen him since. while all this was happening i was in college i found a guy i really liked and who liked me back. my first boyfriend at the age of 22. i finally was gaining confidence and had a good group of friends. When my grandparents found out they threw me out with 10 bags of my posessions. I work 25 hours a week so couldn't afford anything let alone somewhere to live. i had to move in with my boyfriend which cause a lot of problems since we were only seeing each other 6 months. I now just live between friends and my boyfriend and i are still finding things really difficult a year on. i'm so confused and don't know what to do, i'm ill all the time because i'm constantly steessed out, i've been applying for every job im qualified to do but as we all know jobs are hard to come by the now. life is shit, i wish i had a bit of luck for even a short fucking period of my life. why can't i just have a fucking break from it all?


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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 01:14

I honestly have to agree that your life sucks ass. But life is a challenge we a humans must seek curage and confidence to live on.I once always got bullied every god danm school i went to someone would bully me but i stook up for myself and actualy physicaly and socialy beat the shit out of that dude. later the 2 of us became freinds.The point is, don't give life to its full extent. I'm sure youll find joy or pride in life sometime. I might be in grade 8 but I belive this is true. I once felt the same way too. always bullied picked on ended up getting so pissed off at my mom i wanted to take a shit in the furnace just to cool down.But whenever I thought of those things i always asked myself, would thinking of doing this do me any good? well thats pretty much my message or response to your story. (btw im asian)
By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 14:54

You are ridiculously bad at spelling.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 08:52

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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:19

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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:23

Im TROLLING and I can't stop! Help me deadman!!

By deadman at 21,Nov,11 17:56

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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:24

nigger fag mmm brings back memories of when I was a boy, that was a term of endearment in Lousiana at the time.
By anonymous at 21,Jan,12 13:26 Fold Up

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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:17

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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:18

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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:43

What ever..... DEADMAN... If you say so... That's what you want me to beleive,but guess what.. I DON'T..keep trying to make it sound like it's not you if that makes you feel better.oh & also keep commenting on YOUR OWN comments...DEADMAN..

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 22:54

Yeah..Yeah..yeah.. Deadman what ever you long as you ACEPT THE TRUTH & not get mad everytime some one tells you THE TRUTH everything will be Ok...THE TRUTH will ALWAYS spark up angry words...

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 05:27

oh guys stop fighting. wat r u guyz dng. seriouzli!!!! ds poor gurl is pouring her heart owt n telling hr story, and here s u guyz saying ds nd day abwt each ada??? gosh guyz.... aniwaiz, hei ur story? itz reali emotional, not only physicaly, bt also mentaly!! bt 2 b onest, dnt listen 2 al dose negatives owt dea. try nd find ur brada! hs ur only fam memba owt dea....probbly feeling xcatly da same as u, bt jst lucky ur not little animore. plz, b brave nd blieve n urself. hving trouble moving placez 2 placez?? wel ask urself, doesn't my bf want 2 hlp me????? bcoz reali he shud! if he cares enuf 4 u, he wil help u owt... i know itz reali hrd looking 4 job @ da moment, bt seriouzli, if u blieve n wat ur dng, nd acting on dm? dn doll, dat dream job wil b kaling u..... so keep blieveing, nd alwaiz share wit our FATHER above, bcoz he wil solve ur probz.... GOD BLESS YOU and da rest of ur life...xoxo

By at 26,Nov,11 18:59

say this as often as you like,,,, God grant me the serenity to accept this things i cannot chance, courage to change to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference IT WORKS I HOPE YOU HAVE A BETTER LIFE IRISHKEN

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 20:57

holy shit yur ifeemust sukk

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