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My own bad luck

Posted by Steven at October 18, 2011
Tags: Crime  Family  2011 October

I am only 23 years old, I had a shitty childhood with an abusive father and both parents were addicted to cocaine. I got my ass kicked by my dad, for no reason except his own self-hate, from 1 until I was 10. My mother cleaned up her life and we moved on, i graduated high school, neither of parents did, and i had a great girlfriend. My girlfriend's brother got me a great job at a bank right out of high school making more money then my mom was making. I was there about 2 years and those 2 years were not easy but not terrible, my best friend shot himself. Couple nights later I got a dui and then violated my probabtion by driving with suspended license. Now i am living on my own at this point and after court fees and lawyer fees and all that, i was past due on everything and for God knows what reason i decided to take money from my job at the bank, i did it twice to the total amount of 7500 dollars. I was arrested, and sentenced to 2 years probation and had to pay it off. Needless to say my girlfriend's family hated me but she stuck by my side and supported me though the whole thing. But 1 year in I got arrested for marijuana and that is a violation of probation, so I had a warrant out for my arrest and the only reason i didnt turn myself is was because my girlfriend ended up getting pregnant. I end up turning myself in and she still stuck by my side, and even helped me pay some money back with her student loans for my original charge. Now i am free man and have the most beautiful daughter anyone could ask for, we moved for a fresh start and i got a good job, we had a nice apartment, and everything was perfect. Then money started to get tight and what did my dumb ass do, i took money from my job, thinking there was no way I could get caught, but of course I would and I did. Now that day the cop came in and didnt arrest me on the spot, i admitted to what i did, and he was to call me in 2 months and tell me to turn myself in, and if i pay back the money i took that i would do no more then 6 months probabtion, problem is that again i took about 7000 dollars. I told me lady right away which was the hardest thing i ever had to do, b/c i did everything i did without even thinking about my lady or my daughter. i let them down and i vow to never ever let it happen again b/c honestly it changed my way of thinking was i had to tell my lady and look at my daughter who had no idea what was going on just saw that daddy was crying. I have been looking for 2 jobs but I havent had any luck, no place will hire me b/c everywhere does background checks and who wants to hire someone that has stolen before. so i cant find work, bills our past due and next week is will be 2 months and i will be getting a call from the officer to turn myself in. I have no friends and when i turn myself in i dont plan on my lady sticking around, so for whatever reason that i did the things i did i brought this all upon myself. i cant ask for help b/c i dont want it or deserve it, i cant ask for a time machine b/c it doesnt exist, but i love my lady and my daughter more then anyone will ever know and letting them down is the worst feeling a human can possibly feel. I HATE MYSELF and i did this to me.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 04:36

Look, you obviously haven't been dealt the best hand in life, and you've made some mistakes along the way. Do your time, stay strong, and try to utilize any resources you can. Some states have programs that help parolees find jobs. (Or people on probation, whatever) When you get out and start getting your shit together try to learn from your past mistakes. Times WILL have their ups and downs, but you need to learn to weather them all without resorting to crime as a quick fix. The true key is to learn how to separate wealth from happiness, but I'm sure tests oRder when there's a child involved.

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 19:03

you obviously don't love them that much. if you did, you wouldn't do that stupid shit. and hell yea people don't want to hire you. You've stolen from jobs before and will probably do it again. no sympathy.

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