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Posted by worthless at October 28, 2011
Tags: Loneliness  2011 October

I feel so alone. I have no friends, I try to talk to people but it seems like no one wants to be around me..they all have better things to do. I am 21, I know that i am pretty but some guys say they are intimidated and others just say I am undateable. I just want a friend that I can spend time with. Every weekend I usually spend alone in my room because the few friends that I do have never ask me to do anything. I just want to feel loved.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 18:35

'Every weekend I usually spend alone in my room because the few friends that I do have never ask !ME! to do anything.'

If you do have friends, then why don't you ask them?
You could just simply ask them.
Also you say you are pretty, thats a BIG +!
your life ain't that bad, iam sure that you can find lots of ppl who would care about you.

And were u from?

By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 16:31

I would be your friend then fuck u, u fat bitch
By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 21:51

Hey is your name lucifer by any means? U sure sound like the devil
By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 01:13 Fold Up


By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 21:50

I don't have friends too. Years ago, i would do anything and give everything to a friend but i realized none of these people really care about me or want to get to know me or even go to any of my parties. Years later, i discovered that they don't really care about what is happening in my life. In short, i'm forgotten and i ceased to exist. The funny thing is, o one of my so-called friends' husband cared enough to constantly reassure me that i am a good friend and a good person. I can survive without a friend but my problem is i have 2 adorable kids and i would like to encourage them to make friends and not follow in my footsteps.

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 01:19

FUCK YOU BACK ASS HOLE!! What makes you think i would let YOU fuck me!? You faggot!!

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 02:37

You want my opinion lil lady. It's quite simple... the fact that you can't find a partner and describe yourself as hot shit means you always wait for guys to approach... its the 21st century, go up to a guy and say hey whats up... your very fkn welcome... attention whore

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 15:45

thts exactly how i feel every day

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 19:56


By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 22:56

The asshole should PUT HIS DICK IN HIS MOUTH!!

By anonymous at 11,Dec,11 02:13

( : o

By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:32

I can be your boyfriend but got to tell me your figures first.
I like big booties you see.
and I'm an honest unlike that engineer in the last post.

By Trevion at 15,May,17 02:24

Your article pertfcely shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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