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lifes hell

Posted by anonymous at November 3, 2011
Tags: Independent circumstances  2011 November

well i was raised in a christian home my mom and dad always loved me but then a few years back my dad passed away and its all been down hill from their my dad was a vet so we got social security but when he died in was subtracted by alot but i kept going on figured things would work out went to a new school made some new friends things where starting to look up when my moms car got reposed not as big i know but i have a point we got a new car i bounced back things where looking up again and thts where i am now just found out today the company where my mom works is going bankrupt now well have to live on next to nothing im not mad bad things happen im mad nothing right ever does i try to be a good kid but no matter what it always ends with my life goin back down the drain i know i may sound whiney and i probly am im just confused with no one to have my back


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By anonymous at 13,Dec,11 05:53

None of this is your fault. When you get old enough (sorry i dnt know how old u are) why not try for a small part time job myb on the weekends, help your mum out, or at least yourself, get some savings so you can go to college etc.
things might suck i know, just keep chugging along

By at 27,Mar,12 05:37

Great cmmoon sense here. Wish I'd thought of that.

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