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Posted by anonymous at November 4, 2011
Tags: Loneliness  2011 November

This might be boring but I just need to vent out my feeling. Ever since i was forced to be homeschooled. I havent had any friends. All of my old friends dont seem to wanna hang out with me thye always have something else to do. After I got out of public school I joined a dance class hoping to get some friends. but I been going there for 2 months now and noone seems to like me they already have theyre own set of friends. My mom hasnt been the best either. I been having a hard time on my homeschool which I didnt have in public school. And since I do classes online instead of having a teacher. its alot more confusing and I dont seem to get it. I ask my mom for help but she rather do other things and shes very impatient. One night she started screaming at me and said I should just drop out and be a loser. I was more mad than sad really. I cant go on facebook anymore so I cant talk to any of my friends. There were times I've thought of cutting myself but never actusllly attempted it. Now I dont get my hopes up anymore because everytime i do it someone comes along and sends them pushing down. I havent really got in touch or met anyone else that was my age or wanted to hang out with me. so now everytime I meet someone I tend to stay away or keep some distance so I dont get attach to them and then they leave or i have to leave. and if you read up to here I appreciate you reading this I know there are other people who have it worse but right now for me Life Really Sucks


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By friend at 11,Dec,11 13:13

First of all I want to say it sounds like your mother is keeping you down. Homeschool is never easy for the kid socially. That's one of the joys of being in school that you can develop yourself socially. Since you missed that you are a little bit more uncomfortable meeting new people from what it sounds like. Cutting yourself is not the solution I recently just got out of my craze of cutting myself and it didn't do anything but put me in more of a depressed state. Try talking with your mother and explain to her that you are depressed. Hopefully she will understand and try to improve the situation. I hope this helps

By anonymous at 11,Dec,11 19:31

I'm wondering why your mom thinks home schooling is a good option. Is she attempting to shield you from outside influences? I also am concerned that she is not able to assist you when you have questions about the work. Her lashing out at you sounds like she has a fear that you will drop out.

By anonymous at 13,Dec,11 10:33

i am very lonely too i wish i thought the way you do i am very weak and need help some time i want to kill myself

By anonymous at 13,Dec,11 10:38

i always think why me is it because im ugly or what i will tell you my story i had friends but i was a bitch and started to forget about them and play with this girl who fell out with me and then i went and play with 3 girls and fell out with one of them and they wont talk to me and the problem is that every break and lunch time i go to her tutor room because im not aloud to bring my friends in my tutor.i will kill my self soon i know

By anonymous at 20,Dec,11 01:44

Yep, life sucks!
Are you thinking "I feel so lonely"?

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