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Posted by anonymous at November 11, 2011
Tags: Independent circumstances  2011 November

My parent and I went to the US on a tourist visa when I was 12. My parents ended up staying and working. I started going to school and felt like an outcast and out of place. I didnt speak english, therefore I didnt talk to anyone in school, I just sat there with my head down. My parents didnt have much money at the time, so I was wearing cheap clothes, and I could hear how others would talk about how poor and weird I am. I had zero confidence, zero motivation to do good in school, and no friends, I was bullied and made fun of. Finally I meet someone in one of my classes, we later became very good friends. He was the only person I actually spoke to in middle school. After school I sat at home all day and played runescape that was for 2 years in middle school, then came high school. 9-10th grade I was like a ghost in school, nobody knew I even existed, i and developed bad acne...and that guy I meet in middle school didnt want introduce me to his friends he hung out with, because i guess he was embarrassed to know me, again i played runescape to kill time, I was depressed and felt like a total loser, while everyone was partying, dating, having fun, I was at home all day everyday. In 11th grade I decided to change that, I went to the gym, I started talking to everyone, asking questions in class, and got noticed. I got my driver license and started hanging out with my new friends, everything changed to better, i got my first kiss, first gf, got laid, I felt great, finally i thought! i should of done this long ago! I started smoking weed everyday because i wanted to be 'cool' and part of the group, lots of partying at hotels, and trouble with cops. I bought a car, and started dating more, i was getting all these hot girls. Then when US started cracking down on illegals (me) I lived in fear of being deported, nobody knew i was an illegal. In beggining of 2011 I left everything behind, and went back to my country with my parents, by that time my mom was granted a green card. When i went back i hung out with my old friends 4 times, during my 6 month stay in the homeland, i made an idiot out of my self 3 times, and again stayed at home doing nothing! i started getting depressed, i had to start everything again, i felt out of place and like i didnt belong there. I went to England, i am here now 4months and again i have no friends, no job, and i stay at home playing cod....and i havent got laid in a little over 3 years, i tried to get a visa to go back to US to be a legal, but i didnt get it...Im broke as fuck, i have to ride a fucking bike 3miles to clean an office for an hour and drive 3miles back in the fucking cold, my life sucks


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By anonymous at 21,Dec,11 01:22

stay positive and be thankful for your bike... with a positive attitude you can still get somewhere in life .. you are still young... good luck!!!

By at 21,Dec,11 17:36

Try selling gym membership in Australia, I have seen a lot of women from the UK doing that here. May be your accent will add some spices to whereever you work. Apart from the gym, the country site here pays reasonably well, and we speak english downunder where it does not snow.

Australia, give this giant island a try.

By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 15:11

Its hard to even get a job in England....Cos I am struggling here too. But at least you have a job...more from cleaning to something else. Go to the gym and make friends.

By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 13:25

I used to play Runescape too ^.^ it's awesome but it won't help you in life right now. You need to get more work hours and stuff. Make life worthwhile living. Plus if you get more hours at work you'll meet more people :)

By Barbi at 25,May,16 01:08

it. Really? Ever hear of reproducible data? Or peer-review? Just because Goober Heeyuck TELLS us sornhtieg...pmetty much means he is full of pompous bluster. How about taking a local Community College basic class in one of the Sciences? You'll then grasp the meaning.Murdoch is playing poor old coot...just like Vincent 'da chin' Gigante. We accept the snooping around the rich and most are adults and volunteered. But Murdoch pere et fils snooped into the life of a 13 yo murder victim. They should be disciplined.Mold

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