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Posted by Exupery at November 16, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2011 November

I was abused as a child. I have allowed myself to be abused as an adult. I feel that I have no ability to be strong when I should. As such, my wife walks all over me. I am 39 and I am tired of being manipulated.

I just want to live and spend my life with someone who is not into playing games. I make a great living (over 200K) per year. I am a good looking guy, and I used to have a sense of humor. Why is it that I cannot find a meaningful, drama free friendship/relationship? Are there any good ladies left?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Dec,11 19:50

You just have to look. Alot of women are that way. But you just have to put yourself out there. :) Youll find her
By sunshine at 23,Dec,11 00:16

YES miserable there are good women out there! My question is-are there any men out there that will not lie to you? All I have ever done is try to be good to my guy but have got my heart trampled 3 times. I am 35 years old and tired of trying to find someone good to spend my life with.

By at 23,Dec,11 00:16

Yes there are. I can not offer u a relationship, but only friendship. But i have a lot of single friends who are 39 and would love to meet someone. However u should work on your self esteem first. Why would u include how much u make. do u think u will attract right person with this kind of information. Money always complicate things. May be u set your self up. Just a woman's perspective. Someone should love u for u and not for your money and plus may be u have high standards and expectations. would be interesting to find out. And why do u let your wife walk all over u. Are u nuts. Relationship should be equal not one taking advantage of the other and if u a missarable why on earth are u still together? I think your problem is you. Sorry.

By anonymous at 23,Dec,11 07:04

dump her and live happily. After a few weeks or months being single you will eventually become your normal self again and thats when you will get the ladies ;). Good luck my friend

By anonymous at 23,Dec,11 15:13

You will meet someone nice, just stay away from trophy wives or much younger women....

By anonymous at 23,Dec,11 20:09

I think a lot of people have that feeling but i am sure you may find a good person in life if your are good as well

By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 09:45

I can relate. I 25, very fit, I can cook my ass off, i can clean pretty well and I want kids so bad...but I haven't had a boyfriend in my life. Guys I have met have abused me and cheated on me. I wonder if there are guys out there that are really capable of loving a woman. Girls would kill for a good guy and a stable relationship. the money you make doesn't even matter. I would marry a guy that made 25k a year if he was faithful and treated me right. I'll take anything these days.
By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 09:46

Sorry, that might have sounded confusing. I have had "friends" that are male that don't want to commit to me and call me a girlfriend so that why i say i haven't had a boyfriend but they have cheated.
By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 18:50 Fold Up

somehow reading this made me feel better. Im a male exact profile with the same "problems" misery loves company.
By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 18:51 Fold Up

sure their is, do you live in the Bay area? lol

By anonymous at 25,Dec,11 10:41

Welcome to america, why do you need a wife?

By anonymous at 25,Dec,11 12:03

Your just gona end up broke when the marriage is over.
By anonymous at 25,Dec,11 16:41

No kidding ......

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 07:17

Allow God into your life. He's there for you. Always has been. Once you accept that,myou'll find your higher purpose and the right woman will enter your life effortlessly.

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