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everything sucks

Posted by Lora at December 9, 2011
Tags: Bad Luck  2011 December  Health

Iam female, 46yrs old...this has been the worst year of my daughter is disabled, and she is so pretty, she has had a terrible life with idiots making fun of her, at the beginning of last year, I went to doc for a wound that wouldnt heal, I woke up in hospital 3weeks later, they claim that I had septis, and was lucky to be alive, I couldnt talk, walk, move any of my body, had a trake in my throat..was in hospital for 3months, I actually also had diabetes and didnt know it, thats why the wound wont heal, now I take shots everyday..I used to smoke before all this happened, now I dont, I wanted to quit anyway before, so just used the occasion to quit..My car broke down while I was sick,...its still broke, need a new transmission, who can afford that?,My grandma passed away who was like my mom, she raised mom cant handle that, so she wants to die and probably will she weights about 86lbs now and is sick all the time..Iam also disabled with Immflammitory arthritis, so I barely walk at all, ever since I woke up from being in hospital, Ive seem double, finally after waiting all year to get the surgery I need to fix that, I have no ride over to the next town to get ride was my sister and shes mad at me because I have no car and cant see to take my mom to doctor, so she told me to screw off at last minute. My boyfriend wont give me sex because hes afraid that he will hurt me, I think Its because Ive gained weight from not smoking and exercising..and I could go on but I wont...and I really need a cigarette now....and who could blame me?


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By at 12,Jan,12 07:30

Friend, you problem is no problem at all.

Medical problem? Your country looks after you in funding better than most around the world. Multiple infection of organs that cause your body to disfuntion? Google the words "food boost immunity" and eat those food everyday, with plenty of managable walking and a stable lifestyle.

Horny with in boy friend in denial? Give him handjob and get him to handjob you. He can't? Teach him where to touch in there.

Ride? When you are hurt, you can always dial emergency number, then ride come on a cost. If you can't pay it, you are just in greater debt, and debt can't kill you. As long as you live, you can pay that off.

Daughter disable? There are a lot of disable people out there, beside she get good parking spot too. She can become a special athlete for the best, and get money from the goverment for doing nothing for the worst. Also that if your country is at war with another, she won't be forced to join the military. :) Disable? Can't get better than this, be positive.

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