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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Philosophical

So i just read mikes philosophical comment. Thats crazy to think about, some species 1000000 times smarter and older then us has created us. Here we are thinking that its an all mighty, divine, perfect, magical being called "god." But really, its just another species (aliens) occupying another planet in another galaxy far far away that has been living 4 billion years before us and has created us as a science experiment. All those UFO sightings, thats them checking up on us. Although they would love to introduce themselves and land on our planet, they fear us. They realize that their so called experiment has fucked up and has developed way different then what they have planned. We are way more lethal and deadly then they planned. We are way smarter then they have planned. They fear that if they come down to tell us what we are and what we were meant to be, we will rebel. We have become too dangerous, to violent as a species for them to feel safe landing on our planet. WHOA. im just gonna go smoke some more weed and make a movie now.


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By anonymous at 13,Apr,10 19:21

oh man, u rock!

By anonymous at 14,Apr,10 05:53

that's crazy! lol

By anonymous at 14,Apr,10 11:41

Thats rediculous... NO ONE KNOWS, YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE I DONT KNOW! and I KNOW THAT BECAUSE I KNOW YOU DONT KNOW THAT! RELIGION IS DUMB!!! WATCH RELIGIULOUS with bill maher to get a better idea of what im saying... not trying to be mean but that stupid shit frustrates me... maybe he is right.. but i highly highly doubt that.... just another thing to mtake the fear away...stupid stupid

By anonymous at 15,Apr,10 08:08

you need to LAY OFF the weed

By anonymous at 30,Aug,10 16:27

"Although they would love to introduce themselves and land on our planet, they fear us."

That is very, very unlikely. A species advanced enough to CREATE us is very likely to also be advanced enough to extinguish us with very little effort if they so chose. Matter of fact, there is much evidence suggesting that we are not the first human beings that were ever created on this planet. There is much evidence pointing to human beings having experienced multiple species-wide extinctions over the course of millions - if not billions - of years because the beings that created us were not pleased with how their creation turned out. It's very similar to what we humans ourselves do on a regular basis in many of our breeding programs. We create different breeds - be it a different species of dog, cow, or whatever - and we have on numerous occasions simply decided that the new species wasn't "working out" and extinguished it. Now, do you think that at any time humans were afraid of the cow or the dog they created? Sure everyone's scared of a Rottweiler or a Bull coming after them, but as a whole, the human species has no fear of the species that it manipulates because it (the human being) feels that it has the technology to extinguish it at any time if it so wishes.

"We are way more lethal and deadly then they planned"

I wouldn't necessarily go that far. I would say "We are way more stupid and aggressive than they planned." Stupid and aggressive perhaps. Lethal and deadly? Only to ourselves and other species on the planet. Certainly not to them, however.

"We are way smarter then they have planned."

DEFINITELY not that one. A study of our brain and our DNA has shown that over 90 percent of what is in brain matter is unharnessed. It has been pretty soundly theorized that (as much as it can be applied) the brain, thinking, and DNA of some extraterrestrial species are harnessed to an almost complete, 100% extent. This would be like taking a grouping of the worlds most amazing Prodigious Savants - humans that through some genetic or brain defect have lost much social and mental capability, but who can, for example calculate any algorithmic formula faster than any computer in the world, or who can give one 15-30 minute look at an entire city they've never seen or visited before and then literally draw the entire thing building to building and window to window with photographic precision, people who've never touch a musical instrument in their life, and then sit behind a piano and play Mozart's 5th piano concerto in A minor to an absolute tee . . . It would be like taking a group of people like this, who have, somehow tapped into an area of their brain that the majority of us have not tapped into, and combining ALL of their talents and abilities into one single human being with ALL of those abilities. THAT particular human would be harnessing probably somewhere in the are of about 70% of their brain power. Imagine what kind of advantage that kind of person would have over the rest of us that harness 10% tops of our brain power. And the ETs that created us are said to be able to harness even more than that. So, again, these beings actually afraid of US? Ha. I don't think so.

"They fear that if they come down to tell us what we are and what we were meant to be, we will rebel."

While I'm not sure the ETs who created us, again, have much to fear if we decided to "rebel" (it would be little more than the human equivalent of a cattle stamped. I don't think humans as a species go to sleep at night afraid of a cattle stampede), I would say the above reasoning DOES apply to many corporations on earth that control much of human activity. They fear that if we the masses rebel, they'd have little to no control. Advanced forms of intelligent ET life afraid of us rebelling, however? Very unlikely.

And your very last statement/sentence is a huge part of the reason why human beings are very justifiably looked upon as a weak-minded, aggressive, useless, and good for nothing species.

By seo for cheap at 22,Mar,14 11:34

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