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the world is screwed and so fucked up.

Posted by who cares anyway! at April 19, 2010
Tags: Abuse  2010 April  Family  General  Meaninglessness  Philosophical  Relationship

I am a 49 year old male. I had a bad child hood.. I was molested in the 6th grade by all my male class mates. And i was the one that got in trouble with the teacher who spanked my ass for it. and no one else got a paddling that day. Who cares . LOL..... But i went on with life.. then at the age of 13 , 3 of my relatives molested me repeatedly. WHO CARES ANYWAY.
Life is going to hell in a hand basket. So I got married at 19.. thinking this would fix things.. then i found out i could not father kids.. WHO CARES anyways.. mean vicious little bastards and bitches.. Then after 8 years , my wife left me.. she now has about 15 young-uns. I still love the women even though we divorced many years ago.. WHO CARES ANYWAYS.. we are all doomed.. AND you think you have problems.. then after years pasted.. I had learned that all my best friends either commited suiside. and one, he was really fucked up.. he had molested all his daughters.. bad man.. go directly to HELL do not pass pergatory at all... then as time passed i started doing the swinging thing.. men ,women it did not matter.. well that brought on many more mental strains over the years.,.WHO CARES anyways.. i also have to add during all this i spent most of my years going to church.. wondering if god really existed.. and of coarse all of us know deep in side he does.. we question his motives.. LOL.... but who cares anyways. He is going to send us all to hell anyways.. because the bible says that there is none righteous no not one.. WHO cares anyways.. But sometimes i get angry with GOD because he created a fucked up world where 90 percent of the world is so fucked, they done really care anyways.. maybe someday we might understand why this messed up world was created .. WHO CARES ANYWAYS>> there is a GOD and he is in control or is he.. LOl.. WHO CARES anyways.. we are all doomed. I had shed more tears in my life time over the hell and misery i have had to endure in my life.. it is sad.. But who cares anyways.. GOD does not seem to care.. he is not fixing or correcting the problems in my life or all the other 900 million poor people in the world that is wondering and stuggling in life to make ends meet. BUT who cares anyways.. GOD doesnt or he would not have certainly created this world where there is no caring people in it , on it.. Who cares anyways.. WHy am I sharing my deep inner most feelings about god and life.. Because who cares anyways.. i am really fucked up inside and the more i ask for help from god the less i see god moving to help me or any one else. that shares their problems with me over life and all the may issues we face.. but who cares anyways.. because no one does.. no one think about it NO ONE.. I wish there was some one who cared about others the way i do in my heart.. I am a middle ages fat man that has become so bitter at GOd not even all the angels in heaven could help me if god sent them to me.. I really dont think God could him self could help me i am so angry with him. I have asked god to remove me off this work because i am worthless piece of shit to the world and no one at all. I have been this way now about 2 years total. ANY suggestions any one.. but oh i forgot this one thing.. WHO CARES ANYWAYS.. it is my personal problem... Thanks for letting me vent i do feel better.. Your one in a 900 millions poor asshole s who will never care or give a shit. But who cars anyway.


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