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Life Sucks and Then Some

Posted by at February 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Job  Justice  Money

Where to start? I'm 31 years old and have a masters degree in management, but no real job. I had to quit my last job of 8.00 an hour working for the State of DE as a part time employee for their public shooting range due to environmental factors. These factors included lead exposure and fear of being shot on a daily basis due to lack of training for employees. I know what your thinking and that's did he call OSHA about the lead at least? Yes I did and apparently they have no control over what the State of DE does, but can write tickets all day long to the private citizen. Go figure that one! Although while working there for the past eight months, I did try and move up the ladder in the organization only to be passed up twice to people that were "politically connected" as my former boss would say. To make matters worse I have lived with my parents for the passed three years and see no hope in sight for that situation to change. I even make it a habit to apply to five jobs a day and rarely I get a call back. I know what your thinking and it's that this guy must have something wrong with him? I have a masters and can market myself very well! In fact before the collapse of home building, I was making six figures in sales, had a nice place to live and drove a brand new Boxster! Now I drive a second hand Focus and easily get depressed thinking about the good old days when I had money and this is shallow, but women came in the package too.

After losing everything life really wasn't that bad and I met a girl. To make a long story short, two years ago we got engaged and she thought it was her duty to tell me that she cheated on me. I tried for another six months, but it had to end because I don't do cheating. The irony of this is that I expected a different result as every girl I have ever had a relationship with has cheated on me.
Now onto part two:
Ten years ago, I was convicted of a crime I didn't commit and plead down a felony to a misdemeanor. I know what your thinking again and that this guy must have done it for a felony charge! To make an even longer story shorter, I tried to help a high school girl out of a situation where her father was molesting her. The girl's sister in turn made allegations about me and hence charges were filed. (My parents hired a high priced attorney because I was only twenty and had no idea about attorneys or things of this nature) I eventually plead to a high misdemeanor because that was the best I was going to get.(At my hearing for a pardon, ten years later, my new lawyer asked me how this had gotten this far considering the case was so weak) Back to the story and the girl was found to be a liar by the police and her father wasn't molesting her. In real life the police hadn't done their job and he continued to molest her until someone finally killed him, but it wasn't me. In fact I hadn't seen her since this all happened, but read about it in the local paper years later.

What I did next is going to blow everyone's mind on here in hopeless land and that was author a novel about the whole thing. You can buy it on Amazon or under J. Lester "After the Sunset". Sales are dismal, but my point is that life isn't over and I have a record, been pardoned, made six figures, been cheated on countless times, wrote a novel, and now live with my parents again, but even though life feels hopeless today, you never know what tomorrow will bring! I see so many on here talking how all hope is lost and they would be better off dead. You're not and believe me I have been there! I pulled the trigger many years ago only to hear a click and to later find out that the firing pin was sheared in half. Was it some higher power or was it from high usage out of the firearm(pins were frequently known for failure in this model)? I don't know, but at the time it was such a letdown that I couldn't try it again! Now I look at it as something else entirely and know life will get better because I have already been through worse.
So yes your lives suck, but its not over!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 21:23

you are the author?
By at 28,Feb,12 02:09

yes I am the author of after the sunset. I write under the pen name J. Lester.

By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 22:40

maaaaaaan why is the book online shit, no actual pages.. make it into an actual book pleeeease
By at 28,Feb,12 02:20

unfortunately in today's world of publishing novels, the publishing agents don't want to talk to you until you are a name.(I still have the letter that told me I was rejected, but my concept deserved merit) Therefore after being told that by publishers and agents, I opted to publish an electronic version in order for others to see that the world is not a perfect place.

By at 26,Feb,12 00:14

Seems like you are on the right track and have been through a lot. Congrats on your book. It is one of my goals to write a fictional novel as well. And you are young and healthy and have your family and your bachelors and masters. So you have a lot compared to many. I think you have lead a very enlightening life.

If your story about the failed suicide attempt is true, WOW! That definitely means something. I would call it fate and from then on you should have known to NEVER try to take your life again. I totally agree about tomorrow being another day. Life is unpredictable. It goes up and down and up and down and down and up and up. Nothing lasts forever and you are NEVER going to know what you are going to get. About those women you used to get while you were making good $, you are better off without them. Prolly gold diggers. Getting cheated on happens more often that not and we learn from that. Learn about the warning signs and to pick better next time. So I congratulate you for going through a lot and being positive despite it all. Good luck with your book and everything else.
By at 28,Feb,12 02:33

I would never try to take my life again and that event happened almost ten years ago now. Some days I don't know if it was fate, a higher power, or dumb luck, and I can't even say that the event was that life changing at the time. What got me to move forward and try again in life was reading the Count of Monte Cristo. After that I wanted nothing more than to pay the inept criminal justice system back and I went back to college to learn as much as possible. Also in that time, I started writing the book and eventually came full circle with the demons in my head.

You are absolutely right about cheaters and gold diggers too. I myself have learned many lessons about them and hope in the future to make better choices! I also wish you luck with your own writing endeavors!

thank you

By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 04:55

Very cool post. Hopefully it will touch many people, including myself, and keep them from having to post before realizing the solution. And get you more sales, right? lol..
By at 28,Feb,12 02:15

that was my hope! I stumbled onto this site and realized how many people on here feel that all is lost, but that's not the case at all. In fact, there is always another option out there! Even though its bad today, doesn't mean that its going to be bad forever! Like I wrote you never know what tomorrow will bring!

By at 09,Mar,12 13:15

that book sucked, you should write under the name Dicks R. mything
By at 09,Mar,12 20:00

Should I be offended by a guy telling me that work sucks on a website? Should I care about an uneducated comment such as yours? No, I don't really care and I feel sorry for you! You obviously are troubled and harbor some feelings of jealousy towards me. You should seriously re-think your life because if writing an uneducated negative comment makes your day, then you seriously need to find help.

I wrote on this site to show people that life isn't over and tomorrow is a new day.

By at 19,Mar,12 11:41

The story about the teen and her father is why you shouldn't get involved in people's lives.
By at 25,Mar,12 02:54

I used to think that way in my cynical days after this happened, but today I don't know what my decision would be? Things in this world happen for a reason and only make sense after the fog has lifted.

By Kvinnor Trillium Parka at 22,Dec,14 14:01

Aku kemudiannya mengunci basikal kesayanganku. Cinta yang sentiasa membawa kebahagiaan kepada hati, =).¡°no thank you!¡± kata hayati yang dipanggil ?? apa yang akan si kecil ini teriakkan padaku disaat ia perlukanku.ibu mak ummi mama suamiku hanya tersenyum melihat gelagatku sambil memberi ciuman kasih didahikulamunanku menjadi semakin indah hari demi hariku usap perutku setiap waktuku bisikkan kata-kata indah pada bayiku teramat sayang padamu wahai anakku.sebelum jenazah anakku disemadikan sempat kusisipkan photo aku bersama suami di balutan putih tubuh kecil anakku.sempat jua ku ambil bekas-bekas kain putih itu yang dipotong untuk kusimpan sebagai pengubat rindu

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