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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at March 9, 2012
Tags: Anxiety  2012 March  Sociopathy

I'm 21 and I go to a really great school. The problem is that I have really bad depression and social anxiety, and my friends don't seem to get it. They boss me around, take advantage of my kindness and tell me that I am "toxic." Sometimes I can't help being sad. I try to hid it but its just who I am. So, basically I'm terribly lonely. Also, I'm perpetually single and can't seem to find anyone that wants to be with me or that I'd want to be with. Everytime I find a guy that I like, I try my hardest to pursue them but they either lead me on or are just plain uninterested. I'm not unattractive, in fact most of my friends think I'm very pretty. It sucks because I know I have a great personality, but when I'm around the opposite sex I clam up and literally cannot say anything witty or "cool." I've been skipping classes and sleeping alot. I'm worried about my mental health, I would transfer, but my grades aren't good enough. I don't know what to do, I'm at the end of my rope.


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By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 21:20

Hey, I just wanted to respond because I can relate to your bad depression and social anxiety. I am the same way, and i'm a 28year old single man. It sucks, i'm also terribly lonely and am just existing. I don't know what the answers are, but I think finding supportive and helpful people that genuinely care about you is the key, good luck :)

By chris at 13,Mar,12 13:17

You have friends so your not as lonely you think you are. Just think about that for a moment....

And I think you maybe have some issues, or hidden reasons to be always sad or in a bad mood. Maybe not. Maybe you have to confront them as in writing them down in a journal and getting rid of toxic mess in your past.

Its either that or you too lazy or scared to actually live life. Thats me by the way. And I am changing part about myself.

As a Guy who is 21 and very handsome I can say that looks don't matter. Nope no. Not on girls or guys. You'll get looked at sure, get some glances or winked at. But if your not confident or happy inside with yourself, well it dnt matter if your prettiest girl in the world with the hugest ass or the most gorgeous face. No Confident guy wants to hang out with a debbie downer who just going to suck his energy to her depressinglevel.

Come on now. your asking too much for a guy to deal with; when "if I am happy" should be already dealth with by yourself.

People go into relationships already happy single with themselves first. Thats the best way to do it. Then they just enjoy the relationship. Lots of people go into relationships expecting to be turned happy by the their partner; you go in dependant. Thats a mistake. So when you break up your gonna be misereable again just as before.

So Girl:::

Chill out, relax. Chill OUT AND RELAX A LOT. You need to relax. Especially in social situations. I do the best when I am most relaxed. I too am looking for a partner but the more I work at it I am realizing that I want to be happy with myself first before going into any relationship because I have to ask myself. "WHat am I bringing into this relationship, My great inner energy and my self-happiness,self-love or my depression,sadness and needy energy." hmmm....

My own happiness and self-love are more important than a relationship. Got that girl.

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