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Dreams don't come true sometimes.

Posted by anonymous at May 26, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 May  Mistakes

27 years old and living in LA NOT living the dream. Moved here to work as an actress. Screw being a celeb, I would settle for just getting paid to act. I have invested countless dollars, hours, and brain power trying to hedge my way into the business since I was not born to Hollywood royalty nor will I sleep my way to the top. After years, always working a second job to live while I am pursuing the dream, I am tired of it. No matter how much I love the art and not matter how good I have become at it; does a person really have to suffer from rejection, depression, and doubt to live their dreams?

I wish I was one of these people that all they cared about was getting married and having babies. Jeez, I have turned down man after man because they have come between me and what I dream about at night. Call me a cold-hearted woman, call me a failure, call me weak, call me whiny, or whatever you want. I am just here to say that no matter how big or small your dreams are, you are not in control of them. You can do all that you can to make them happen but there is no guarantee that you will wake up to see that dream come true.

I know at least for me, today is the day that I have given up hope to ever see mine come to fruition.


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By anonymous at 26,May,10 23:25

Maybe you should save ur money up and get ur self a cam corder do ur own acting such as getting news from around the globe and doing interviews with people its not that hard. When we rely on other people in this world we will never get any where cause people are so ignorant and mean to each other. I never went to school for music but can write some hits i mean hits. So with that being said sit down with a note book and refresh ur mind good luck with everything. tips about people that enjoy u try not put things before people u come across some of us rather be doctors and be lonely and later find our selves alone.
By anonymous at 27,May,10 14:21

what hits?

By at 28,May,10 03:10

That's how life is. You will reach a point in life at crossroads, where you need to make a call as to whether it is worth pursuing your dream any further or plan for making a living. At this point you are the only and the right person to make the decision. But before you decide one way or the other you need to look back and see the path you have traversed all the while and check for yourself all the right and wrongs you had done in pursuing your dream. And think if you would have achieved success if you had done something differently.

End of the day, achieving your dreams is all about perseverance, sincerity and luck. But remember you need to live to achieve your dreams.

Dreams never die.

By anonymous at 28,May,10 11:01

How about some facts. 98% of members of the Screen Actors Guild are unemployed. 99% of residents (18 million residents) of LA are either unemployed actors looking for a break, writers looking for a break or talent agents. 99% of Hollywood actresses had to visit the "casting couch", the other 1% actually had talent.
My advice? Get a role in some TV commercials, local plays or anything that is showcase for your talent. If you have enough talent, you will get noticed.
By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 16:55

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By anonymous at 28,May,10 20:59

What about Broadway? Move to Chicago or NY and act in plays there. It may not be Hollyweird, but it will put food on the table. Another thing to consider is that maybe you are just not good at acting. I know mom & dad said you were, but sSO many people think they have talent and they don't. Look at American Idol. Full of talentless losers that think they are great and they are not. Only a small percentage have real talent. Maybe the reality is that you should find another profession. Just saying....

By anonymous at 31,May,10 17:45

casting couch! LOL

By at 17,Jun,10 04:46

don't give up on your dream, just reassess and reevaluate the ways in which you persue it. don't just take a path leading either straight to your dream or nothing at all... walk a path that will guide you through other loves you have in life along the way to achieving your dream. reinvent yourself... but take it from someone who DID give up all hope [only to find i was much closer than i thought] and has ended up in a downward spiral of depression, anger, drugs and hoplessness. losing faith in yourself and your dream is equal to suicide. i wish you well and hope you find your way to happiness.

By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 16:52

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