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lonesome loser

Posted by anonymous at March 23, 2012
Tags: Loneliness  2012 March  Money

I'm a 21 year old male, who hasnt had a gf in 4 years. college drop out living with mom and dad. the girl that i am completely in love with, hasnt shown up to work in almost two weeks. i'm guessing she quit. I'll probably never see her again.
I want to buy a small piece of property, and a trailer house, and move in, but since the day i got my first credit card, i thought, "hey cool, Fuck now, Suffer later!!!" well that doesnt work very well. i need to go to the dentist, and fix my teeth, both health wise, and cosmetically.
im embarrased to meet new people. at least until i fix my teeth. i owe $25,000 in school loans, and if i try to start paying them off, i dont know who to pay. ive got about 4 different agencies calling me 24/7, wanting money...
i know for a fact that she was the one for me...
now she's gone. i guess i should get used to being single, and just wait to die...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 12:17

be hero.if u have money u can do anything

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 14:27

hey, i am 17 and i never had a boyfriend. at least you once had a girlfriend... i mean, you're single, you can have all the girls, if you just try it! you shouldn't be embarassed because of your teeth, that's no reason.
and money is not everything, i know you can fix it, but you have to try it and you have to believe in yourself! please.
you are NOT a loser!!!

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 16:51

fucking moron. You're an idiot for using a credit card like that. You better pull yourself together, ignore your ugly teeth and get a dead end job until you can pay your school debt. Heck, if you weren't even enthusiastic in the first place about going to college, you SHOULDN'T have even went.

By at 23,Mar,12 18:41

I know the feeling of loving someone and that losing that person. It sucks but there are plenty of fish in the sea, and eventually you will find a better mate. You just have yet to find her.

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 22:53

you're young. so you do have a job, that is good. forget the girl and concentrate on your bills. maybe get some help and advice from your parents on how to pay off your student loans and credit cards. you really need to stop the credit card habit. it's killer. interest rates are evil and will have you drowning in debt. learn to budget. spent on needs versus wants. really get help financially. read up on the internet. get some books from the library. bad credit will ruin your life so fix it now!!! good luck.

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 22:58

Wow dude you kinda sound like me except I'm a little older. I'm 23, I fell in love with a girl that I was hopeing wanted to be my girl. We didnt know each other very long but i fell hard for her. In the end she didn't end up wanting to talk to me anymore. The only way I could see her is at her job...and I think she may have stop working there. Not that it matters, i dont think ill ever be able to start over again with her...I think shes back with her ex or some other guy. Iv also got people calling me about money every day over school loans. It sucks. I'm in debt up to my eye balls and my heart is fucking broken. I hate missing someone that dosent miss me at all. Anyway, I hope things get better for you. Everyone says we have to
move on...and be strong.... What else can we do but try our hardest. But it's so damn hard.
-Good luck bro

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 01:04

Eventually you'll realise that many of the girls (the same is true for the other sex too) are a pain in the arse, and there are a lot of people who waste you time in relationships. After you've been through a few of them, you'll work out the ones worth the effort.

I had four time wasters who all really were more interested in themselves. Eventually I found the right person. Took me ten years, and she'd been through the time wasters aswell.

Don't worry so much about the debt, there are people with unserviceable mortgages and bad marriages that are making out they are doing well you give you the impression they are doing better than you.

You're probably just fine, just ignore the BS that others' lives seem so much better, they're more fucked than you'll ever be :-)

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 02:25

I owe 40,000 in school loans, and I don't think my life sucks. You wanna start paying it back? PICK UP THE DAMNED PHONE WHEN IT RINGS. And just be an a**hole back to the guy who threatens you on the phone.

Who wants to be with a chick who just never returns to work, doesn't even have the balls to quit? If you woulda gotten this chick, one day you woulda gotten home and found an empty apartment except for an old dirty curtain blowing in the wind by a candle with a stupid note... except there'd be no note, because this bit*h wouldn't have bothered writing one.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 05:51

talk to me on fb
add me bridgie hart

By anonymous at 28,Mar,12 00:44

Fix the teeth. Nothing says poverty and/or drugs/crime/bar fights/whatever more obviously than messed up teeth.

Stop wasting time mooning over the girl who got away. If you make something of yourself, there will be another girl.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,12 20:14

im 28, no job, no friends, no money and still live with my parents and no matter how hard i try nothing works for me....death would be a good release

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