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Sad, Tired, and Feel Unlovable and Worthless!

Posted by anonymous at March 30, 2012
Tags: Job  Loneliness  2012 March  Relationship

Let's see....

Husband lost job, family lost their home, lost 17 years of marriage. The man was, and still is a miserable verbally abusive asshole... Happy about the break up because the kids and I have some form of peace, but also sad & frustrated because so much invested in that much time. It's disgraceful that this person didn't recognize what he'd had, and still doesn't.

40 year friendship gone, due to unexpected death.

Just found out my other friend of 40 years is dying of an incurable disease, and may need to leave her remaining 3 children with me to finish raising them and loving them. Nervous about this because she lives so far away, I don't really know these kids.

Closest family member moved out of the country.

Work all the time because of a demanding low paying job. Financially strapped, tired, and feel unlovable, worthless, and heart wrenching-ly sad and lonely... Definitely NOT in finding someone new at the moment, but also afraid to trust at the same time....

Can't kill myself, too many people rely on me, & it would ruin their lives.


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New Comment

By Truth at 30,Mar,12 16:41

Lets see....

Nigger, no food except berries and ants and the occasional carcass meat of a kudu that the hyenas killed.

Husband has 9 other wives and we all have our clits cut off, miserable ass hole guy who has all the twat he wants but all we get is a thing that looks like a dark dried up vienna sausage.

All my friends died of rabies and yellow fever and malnutrition before they were 20, hate the cunts I live with

have 9 kids and I'm only 18, work all day gathering the berries and hyena leftovers for no money while kunta kinte beats the fuck out of me

Got chased by a lion yesterday and he bit my left ankle and it's infected now but the medicine elder put some salve on it made out of elephant shit and some plant that makes it itch like a sailor's ball sack on Monday morning...

Can't kill myself because we don't have any guns and there's only one machete and Lukaka is out cutting brush with it....and the lion ran away.

I shoulda let it eat me.

Fuck Africa...I'm coming to where you live...
By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 10:16

Well, this is a very positive, uplifting comment!!!!

By at 30,Mar,12 17:06

@ Thruth... At least you have Facebook...

By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 11:32

Wow... people are amazing cruel sometimes.

I lost my husband 7 years ago to suicide. Being sad is one thing... being depressed is quite another.

If you can get up day after day even given sad circumstances and still see that life is worth living and knowing that even when it doesn't seem like it, you have an amazing number of people who actually love you and care about you, then you are not depressed, but sad and will make it through your situation.

If you are paralyzed by your sadness and cannot understand how to get through, feel that life is not worth living and feel that you are not loved, then you need to get some help.

Everyone on this planet is loved. You sometimes have no idea the people who love you and whose lives you make better by just being alive and part of their lives.

We get one life here on this planet. Some of our lives are filled with prosperity, love and happiness. Some of our lives are filled with challenges, sadness and despair. Most of our lives are filled with all of the above.

If you feel depressed, please get help. Your life is valuable and you are an amazing person. I don't even have to know you to know that.

I hope that you will see your values and see the light at the end of your dark tunnel.

Best wishes.
By at 31,Mar,12 16:12

Good day, Your husband probably killed himself because he had to listen to your idiotic jamrag, voice all day. What? Are you going to say that he just couldnt live because he was some kind of genious???? Oh you simpleton. He should have taken you out first. Please tell me that you have had a medical procedure to never reproduce.... I cant imagine a slag like you having children. Please drink a bottle of single malt scotch and have a midget hit you over the head with a brown trout. God save the Queen
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 04:18

You mean donkey how could you say things like that to someone who is obviously depressed? You're not any help on here so give us all a favor and let your fucking queen beat your ass hard with a brown trout. You miserable lowly lardass!
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 04:18 Fold Up

Mercy, haven't you got anything better to do than slander people??? Maybe, this is your way of letting your anger out and your cry for help . . because . . you need it.
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 05:07

Exactly. He's a sorry, pathetic piece of shit who loves to troll and cheapen the grief of the people putting up their sob stories on here. He clearly needs psychiatric help for his deranged mentality.

By passwire at 08,Dec,12 17:08

? ?????? ????????????!

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