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Sad, Tired, and Feel Unlovable and Worthless!

Posted by anonymous at March 30, 2012
Tags: Job  Loneliness  2012 March  Relationship

Let's see....

Husband lost job, family lost their home, lost 17 years of marriage. The man was, and still is a miserable verbally abusive asshole... Happy about the break up because the kids and I have some form of peace, but also sad & frustrated because so much invested in that much time. It's disgraceful that this person didn't recognize what he'd had, and still doesn't.

40 year friendship gone, due to unexpected death.

Just found out my other friend of 40 years is dying of an incurable disease, and may need to leave her remaining 3 children with me to finish raising them and loving them. Nervous about this because she lives so far away, I don't really know these kids.

Closest family member moved out of the country.

Work all the time because of a demanding low paying job. Financially strapped, tired, and feel unlovable, worthless, and heart wrenching-ly sad and lonely... Definitely NOT in finding someone new at the moment, but also afraid to trust at the same time....

Can't kill myself, too many people rely on me, & it would ruin their lives.


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