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fuck uuuuu

Posted by jayjay at April 1, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude  Society

Im 29 years old, Im a vet of both iraq) and afghanistan. I was honorably discharged at the rank of sergeant.
Every fucking day I look at these piece of shit people these fucking low life scumbags with there pants hanging not even off their ass now they have the fucking balls to wear the waist of the pants below there ass almost to their knees, they wear the fucking thermal underwear like that hides it, like I cant see your tiny pencil dick. What the fuck have they ever done with they're fucking life except waste it on a fucking corner, collecting welfare smoking weed. All the fucking shit iv done, all the time the sweat the blood and this is how god punishes me, He makes them think that there somehow superior. Get a fucking life you deadbeat piece of shit monkey motherfucker, Go fucking hang yourself.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Apr,12 00:32


By anonymous at 02,Apr,12 04:46

Well said

By anonymous at 02,Apr,12 08:07

It seems like you have anger problems or are secretly gay and this is making you angry. Who cares if people walk around like that - the people who care about gays are those who are in the closet. I advise you to go to a support group for gays and to embrace your gay identity.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 09:29

Hes not talkin about gays its the fuckin niggers!

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 09:38

NgHes right. Niggers are ruining this country. The word nigger doesnt just mean black skin, there are plenty of white ones too, but 90% of the blacks are niggers. The government should commender all the cruise ships and start sending them back home... they bitch about this country but if it were not for the white man they would still be living in the desert, or in grass huts somewhere running from the lions. Being enslaved was the best thing to ever happen to the NIGGERS!

By anonymous at 19,Aug,12 03:21

To the above comment. Your a stupid asshole and so is the post. Fuck you dirtbags. Get off the website.

By anonymous at 12,Oct,12 08:54

So you come to a site where people have free reign to bitch about how much thier lives suck, your a veteran, and your only problem is how other people choose to wear their pants? Get some help man.

By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 23:29

Go and fuck yourself useless american shitty you shoud have been killed there........prrrrrrrrrrrr....maerica is the least free country in the world you go to jail just froor farting in public. thats the country you foought for.....stupid pice of shit....fatty obese motherfuckers full of candied shits
By anonymous at 30,Jan,16 22:34

stfu brithish yellow tooth at least we arent autistic shit that talk like you have dick up you mouth stfu go get fucked you POS

By anonymous at 31,Jan,13 15:25

i can very much sympathize with the vent as i had a friend (former combat marine, same age, i think made about sergeant too)who sometimes demonstrated the same mindset. in trying to reconnect with him (we met in grade school but i moved all over after a few years as chums) i was at a low point in my life and sought to learn his toughness. i ended up learning too well, losing more than i thought i ever could have(tangibly but more importantly in terms of character) once i experienced that kind of egotistical and arrogant rage. it's honestly very likely the worst thing you can do to yourself, taking pride to that level of hate and not releasing it only robs you of the benefits and good side of the pride and self esteem you do deserve. you have to ACCEPT yourself as yes great, accomplished and even superior if you are strong enough to not let it go to your head like that. Obviously you're not, at least anymore, and it gets it in the way of your own happiness. Funny you posted this on my birthday (28th) and that i'm on the verge of hanging myself as well. Really, i think we can believe in God if for no other reason than to blame him. It's a start at not harming others who haven't wronged you. I think you then realize God's actually cool with that; it's helps better his human creations including yourself and of course the idea of a human being able to emotionally hurt 'God' is ridiculous. Good luck and let me know if you will shoot me in the head for money. Really don't like the idea of having to hang but do want the fuck out for way too long now.

By anonymous at 24,Apr,13 19:37

you are speaking the truth

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