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False arrest

Posted by Leslie at April 13, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Justice

I have never commited a crime. I just happen to be in the wrong place a the wrong time. I was picked becuase I matched the descrition of a an armed robbery suspect. The put in a line with 6 other women. I was pegged by the witness as the one who robbed the store. I was not me. I got no bail and then my arrainment then my trial and I was convicted becuase they jury siad that I was guilty and I began to cry. I setenced to 15 years which is the maximum in my state. I was but in a van with 5 other women and i teenage girl. When I go the prison i bagan to cry again. the gaurds heard us in to he prison I was crying the entrie time. One gaurd asked what was the matter and I told her that I was faly arrested for a crime I did not commit. I was tkaen to withe girl and ther other and told to strip. One of the guards said when the basket is full give ther gaurd. I knew then that I would need to take off my bra and panties as well. they me a towel and told to take shower. the gave three bras three pairs panties and three pairs of socks. and on orange uniform. I spent 12 years there unitl they found the perosn who did the crime. I lost my job my hose my car. I have nowehere to go. No job to get becuase of the economy. My family took me in and they given a roof over my head abd a place to sleep and food. All things I need to live. I did sue the store owner and the police department it is still pending


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New Comment

By Truth at 14,Apr,12 18:53

Lots of people here know I went to hell once after a tragic and ironic crash on my three wheel retard bike. It wasn't my time so I motherfucked Satan, the father of lies, and before he sent me back up here he gave me the ability to translate bullshit into truth.

I read your little post and i can tell it needs to be translated. So, I'll do that for everyone, just as a favor to all.

You: " One time i was riding around with 4 of my friends and some fag we picked up from behind Johnny Quik. He was giving free blowjobs so we thought he'd be a good addition to our night. Turns out we needed some money to buy some weed, so we went into this liquor store to rob it and the whole thing went bad when my IBS acted up and I began farting uncontrollably. Well, we took the money but just down the block we were nabbed by the po po and brought right back to the scene. The fucking towel head there identified me by smell, so they took my batman mask off and I was caught! It was such a tight case that I went to jail immediately and cried like a bitch from day one. My big black cell mate asked me if I wanted to be the husband or the wife so I was like I'd like to be the husband big black cell mate, and then he was like OK THEN GET OVER HERE AND SUCK YOUR WIFES DICK! Then after 12 years I got paroled and since then I have lived at the Y where I get my jollies diddling the neighborhood bogs and cats. Can I have your spare change?" was some story. You're a fucking liar...that's for sure!
By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 15:17

By Leslie at 23,Apr,12 14:23 Fold Up

It is the truth which you can't handle. I a trying get my life to gether and i am still out lookng for ajob eveyday. I have ggo chane of getting a job a the front desk of a doctors office I have expeience in bil and coding. the before my arrest and conviction.

By Leslie at 19,Apr,12 19:52

I told the truth and they did not bleive and I end up in jail locked up for 12 years my life is gone. I cried becuase i was wrongly covicted of a crime I didn't commit. I cre becuase of the sentence I cried becuase was one of svarest places i di wan to be. Storms made look more and scary. thender lightning and the sound of the wind made all complete I would curlup in my cel and try to not b esen becuase how scared i ws there. I never got raped and some tough wer protecting me for that. They knew that was scared but they told me thatt they woulf helpe. I was till scared two of got before me. But I wold like to thank these women for hlping me.

By Isabel Marant at 14,Dec,13 16:26

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