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cant take it anymore

Posted by anonymous at April 16, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude  Failure

Here's me- One parent family until i was 9, but it was ok. My mom made enough money to support us and we had a fairly close knit family around us. No resentment from my upbringing.

I was a bright kid. Topped the class etc. Had no real direction was the problem. Got good GCSE's, and A levels, started doing a degree. All the while i was with my childhood sweetheart. We bought a house thanks to a generous contribution from her father. All going well until we split up. I generally wasnt thinking about further education at the time, dropped out in order to get a full time job and fund living together (she needed to move out as parents were moving away)So then i was 21/22 on my own with a house i couldn't afford, and a shit retail job.

Fast fwd until now. I met a girl we bought my ex out of the property. Im still in my shitty job. We're scraping by, and ive tried so fucking hard to get another job. Ive got no real qualifications, i cant afford to re-school. Stuck in a rut. I hate the fact that i'll never have any real money. I'll never be someone my children will be proud of and i'll always be embarrassed about my non-career.

Fucking hate life


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New Comment

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 15:20

read your first statement again - doesn't sound like your mum made it to be president either and you don't seem to think any less of her. Focus on personal relationships and the happiness they can bring, you dont need to be a high roller for those to work out well, sure we all have money troubles, everyone is stretched, and if you do get a bit of money you run up more debts against it and your back to square one - its only the very wealthy that don't have the same issues e.g. 1% at the top. stop thinking everyone else has it better there are only a very few who do, and man most of those are real tossers - we will never be among them - so take time out with your gf and treat her like princess everyday, make her breakfast in bed in the morning and hold her close at night you'll soon feel better and hell you might even get the odd extra blow job - the best things are the good memories we create for each other, our family and all round smiles and they dont cost a thing - if only i could practice what i preach a bit more often i wouldn't be feeling so shitty and be on these pages myself - off to make the wife a cuppa and a biscuit to see if I can get favours of my own - my wife smiling up at me while giving me a bj is sure one happy memory i like creating
By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 13:27

cheers mate.
I know its about perspective, and as far as it goes my problems are pretty first world. Suck it up and try harder. Thanks for the reply

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