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Fuck my life

Posted by anonymous at April 21, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Unemployment

I am 20 years old. I graduated from high school 2 years ago and still have no damn job. I took a pharmacy technician course back in high school and am a licensed pharmacy tech and still can't find a job, right after high school I went to college and got my certificate as an EMT. Still no luck finding a job, so I joined the Army, got discharged in Basic Training cause I got hurt. Came back, been home for 5 months already and STILL no job. So decided to go back to school, finish up some college credits to try and get back into the military [marine corps or navy but I need 15 college credits]. I live at my moms house on the weekends and my grandma's house when i go to school. My mom is on unemployment and can't even afford food. I hate asking my grandma for gas money, so I sleep with Marines at the local Marine base for money and to pay my cell phone that I need in case I get a call back for an interview. I had an interview at subway and haven't heard back from them. I can't even get a fucking job at a fucking subway!!!!!! WTF. I just want to give up because I feel like I am never going to go anywhere in life. I have all these certifications and licenses and can't even find a job to hire me to use them.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 12:10

Well, I wouldn't join any forces that are overseas because they are very corrupt I mean VERY corrupt. The war crimes are terrible. American forces killing innocent civilians, killing child soldiers. Urinating and deficating on the dead bodies of their enemies. I mean really, maybe God is trying to protect you from something. You're a good person. I don't think the armed forces is something you want to join. Those generals and leutanets can't control those soldiers they are really sick. My dad was in the military for 16 years during the 80's and 90's. When he retired in 1998, he burnt his uniform. He said that the military and other armed american forces are defiled by both evil people at the top and bottom. I don't want to sound like I am standing up for terrorist in any way. I hate what happened on 9/11, I hate Osama Bin Laden. But there are many truths to being a human being and how you are supposed to conduct yourselves. The things that some american soldiers do is not justifiable. Maybe God is trying to protect you from something. You may want to try and reconsider joining any armed force. God Bless you and good luck on your job search. If you end up in the armed force stay pure stay beautiful!!!! }i{
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 18:55

Killing "children soldiers" what are we supposed to do you dumb bitch? Let them shoot at us and run over to them and give them a spanking and tell their parents they need to raise thei kid better. Fuck you. Unless tour over there risking your life for some shit you dont believe in (you really think any of us give a shit about risking our lives to rebuild that shit hole). I hope a kid breaks into your home snd slits your throat while you sleep. Too many of my friends didnt come home so that dumb bitches like you can have the freedom to let garbage spill out of your mouth.
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 21:09 Fold Up

Just so you know lady, the only pure ness as a killing machine created By the armed forces is survival in a life and death situation.

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 12:57

now i see how lucky i am, but its just temporary,life is still long

By at 21,Apr,12 14:52

You're jobless because obviously you are a fucken dole bludger! Stop acting like you're the victim here you stupid mother fucking cuntrag! I hate your lazy ass sitting around all day while we tax payers work our butt out just to keep your wormy breadbasket full. You're pathetic. :p
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 17:55

He's not a loser. He just can't find a job. You're the idiot. "While we tax payers work out butt off".... you're not working either LOL. Can't be tax payer without a job Willy Nilly
By anonymous at 08,Jan,13 15:21 Fold Up

Shut up fag or all ruin your whole life I can triangulate where you live and I got people to take care of you
By anonymous at 02,May,13 13:50 Fold Up

ok for you dumb idiots u think u pay taxes for people that live on welfare they are lying to you and everyone who do u think really gets your money????? do u really think the government gives a shit about the people of the US? please this is bullshit, you shitbags think your better but you don't even know the real truth dumb ass cunts, they want you to believe that your paying for people that sit on their ass cause they blame us yeah the people instead haha please don't be dumb, they take all your money out of your paychecks and put it into their pockets, you just don't know what really goes on so STFUP

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 17:43

You're a prostitute. Why not make some real money at it. Get yourself a pimp pronto. Forget the military, you were thrown out once.

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 18:43

Do yourself in

By at 21,Apr,12 18:55

Hey sugar, Jesus loves you and so do I!

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 21:00

Anyone who can't make it in the army defiantly has a problem. If you injured yourself ( so you say you fucking liar) how could you ever be a EMT???? As far as Subway, they only hire honest hard working people, and they obviously saw none of that in you you hind licking meat ring sucking ass lapper. I agree with the person in a statement above, get yourself a whoremaster and wipe the slop pail ring off your ass and get to work. At least if your going to be a lowlife slug slime who sucks cock for a living, at least you"ll have money

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 23:44

ALOT of people are in this situation right now; even me. I've won awards at every job I've had for the past 20 years and still can't get anything. A woman on LinkedIn had over 100 recommendations and she couldn't get a job. These companies are run by psychopaths who wouldn't know a good employee if one came in and bit them in the ass. Nobody wants to give someone a chance anymore. The only way you can get a job anymore is to KNOW someone. If you're not connected you're screwed; hard work and honesty don't mean anything anymore. This isn't what America was supposed to be.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 00:21

Whoring around on base. Your either pretty damn ugly or they arent drunk enough. If your in Lejeune go to Lejeune yard sales dot come and put up a thing for intimate body rubs or some crap like that. Or steip at a strip club and promise them a night in your pants and they will buy more lap dances and you will make enough money to not need to sleep with them. Unless of course your ugly then you wont even get offers to go do a private dance.

By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 15:57

Hang in there--you sound like a good person! :)

By anonymous at 08,Jun,12 18:00

Sounds like my life except I'm 4 years older :(

By ShaniquaKiknWing at 08,Nov,12 08:06

In my opinion, you should have sex with a marine, get knocked up, have the baby, take the marine to court, live off welfare, get free phones, free food, free housing, and free health insurance and most importantly, you have a free closet to shove your baby in and feed him toast through the space at the bottom of the door. Fuck it, just blow marijuana smoke in his face and give him liquor in his bottle and he'll never be a problem... until he gets a hangover.

P.S.- Don't judge me, my baby is in the closet too.

By anonymous at 13,Feb,13 19:50

this is supposed to be a blog for people that need advise in how to get a job.. if not that then at least to vent a little.. funny how all the people putting down and disrespecting the jobless actually have the time to come into this type of blog and post a comment.. probably jobless too.. accusing the jobless of being lazy.. i guess it takes one to know one.. are u people really that ignorant that u accuse the jobless of being lazy? you've never heard the news talk about unemployment? the recession? about how 1 part-time job opening at home depot brought in two thousand applications? instead of being rude and making ignorant uneducated comments, you should be thankful if you really do have a job. not only that, but you should realize that people that are wanting to work and are actively looking for a job get denied help from the government so no your tax money is not helping them.. if you dont belive it look it up.. it doesn't take a genius to make a smart comment but you should at least have some common sense to understand there are millions of people out of a job that are actively looking for a job and submitting endless job applications not to mention all the test assessments that take up so much time to do and means absolutely nothing to pass them with flying colors because it really is very very difficult to get a job, it's a true problem, and unfortunately it is true, now a days you NEED to know someone from the inside to get you in.. the only reason companies post the job is to comply with the whole "equal employment opportunity" laws.. but believe it or not, the majority of jobs are already filled by someone the employer knows or someone an employee already referred.

By anonymous at 15,Feb,13 18:25

if you go to subway too u probably won't get hired either u dumbass.. it's not that he's lying.. it's that hundreds of people apply for the same damn job.. you really think the employer is gonna look at hundreds of applications? hell no!! they'll look at maybe 10-15 and they'll choose someone from that little stack because yeahh it doesn't take much to learn how to make a sandwich! dumbass! don't freakin comment dumbass stupid ignorant uneducated comments.. it's true, now you need to know someone to get the job.. most jobs are already filled before they get posted.. only gets posted to comply with the law.. do a little experiment u ignorant fuck face.. post a job offer on craigslist and put something like some clerical office job for $10/hr.. and just ask for resume.. funny u don't even have to put the name of the company or company's ph# or website.. just ask for the resume and you'll see you'll get hundreds of resumes.. so u won't keep coming down on people who can't get a job you ignorant fuck.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,13 09:50

Yall are some trifelin' excuses for fellow human beings. Triangulate where someone lives? BOIIIIII Bring it! And show the fuck up yerself! Mos DEFF. Gtfu OFF the computer, apply yer sunscreen Cuz we KNOW YOU BURN EASY, step outside and take care of somethin. Net threats are the saddest kind. Know damn well most of these people were beat the fuck up by their dad or STILL gettin whooped by dad. Foh.

By anonymous at 03,Apr,13 22:19

we all can point fingers all day long, maturity comes with age and its obvious all of people need it, all we need another bush or obama in office and to top it off and add corrupted congress, and all god wants is us to trust him from above and beyond, it still doesn't change the fact that men need to work to establish some self worth and satisfaction, knowing he can afford to go out and buy what ever we want, this is what americans are, and do, we just need a fucking job period, so we can worry about traveling to work every day so that some crack head mother fucker with no ins that just slammed into just fucked your life up, so what , now you cant work, becacuse your fuck up, and you still cant get any help because your state gov sets laws that are so corrupted, the way i see the fucking human race is a epidemic period, like a fucking decease.

By anonymous at 15,Apr,13 14:53

Fucking sorry motherfuckers no one asked to be unemployed its the fucking rats people work with and sorry ass companies That don't know what the fuck they are doing they can burn down for all I care Fuck You.

By crorkz at 15,Jan,15 21:42

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