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Fucking fence

Posted by Lewis at April 24, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Job

I have a job cause of my families business. Doesn't feel like ive earned it. Got bullied alot at school, social anxiety was born. When i left school, started seeing therapist which helped, also started sales. Overcome alot of my anxiety, then depression set in. Wrote a sucide note, close to jumping of erskine bridge, until phoning samartins. Suicide is still an option which i fully consider sometimes. Always wanted to join army, told my parents, they said they would never talk to me and i would regret it. I have no motivation for my job atm, army seems a very good option even though its seems a challenging career. Need some support but don't want to make my parents sad, what if its the worst decision i will ever make? Or i can stick at the job ive got atm, and do something i dont enjoy, when i think of that want to end it all. Still get anxious around people, hard to breathe somtimes. life is a fucking rollercoaster, down more often than not. :(


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Apr,12 09:04

Sorry to hear you're depressed man. Look, the army is indeed challenging so if you're really up to it, get prepared, join a gym try to picture or adapt to a soldier's mentality and do it.
If you go prepared and motivated it won't be that difficult. As for your parents, they will finally accept your decision. It's your life after all...

By anonymous at 26,Apr,12 19:47

Don't join the Army. Join the Navy. Stay on the a boat where it's much much safer and your parent might like that idea more. Chances are you'll meet a girl and have a good time. If nothing else you'll be out of your parents house and on your own traveling the world on a boat with a bunch of others in a similar situation as you. Good luck. NAVY! NOT Army! NOT Marines!

By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 13:56

Take it the cops for suicide help. They will direct you for help.

By kenivrow at 05,Sep,12 21:17

Hi views, I have a boyfriend I just met late in May 2012. I love him a lot, da only challenge was that he is currently unemployed. it was that help me get him a job.

By Nigo at 03,Oct,12 18:38

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By jahana at 18,Nov,12 04:37

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By i need a spell to get my lover b at 02,Dec,12 04:29

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By anonymous at 14,Jan,13 10:05

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By Davlet at 06,May,13 01:58

Hello Pete we are glad you are in Windsor now and doing better at the hsoaitpl . Your family and your girlfriend have been with you thru it all and that is the best you can ask for. Greg is good brother to stand with you and support you the wat he has.My family is going thru the same thing with my Sister Cathy's youngest son Bradley who at 20 on Thanksgivihng Day 2010 had a motocross bike accident in Milton. It has left him paralyed from the breasts down and after his hsoaitpl time of 6 months in Hamilton he has returned home and with the theaphy he does has some movement and touch with hts feet. He is back to work now in Milton with my sister in law and doing pretty good. Bradley has his own truck with hand controls now and is getting to move around really good. I took him hunting for wild turkeys in South Caralina this April and also at home. He too has a strong family who love him a lot and give him hope for his drive to walk again and he will do it. over the years you and Greg have had a lot to deal with and both of you have had to fight together and i know how hard that was watching you guys grow up. Big Arn died Dec 9 -2011 of Dementia and also my Sister Janice Dec 5 2010 from Cancer and thru all of this the Arnolds are still strong and supporting our family and that whatb good families do just like yours .Me and Anita will try to get down to Windsor to visit, so keep trying and as old Bobby Collins used to say give me all your heart and desire you can do it.

By Jordan IX at 20,Dec,14 14:19

Neh, ¡°Hmm.ok lah¡­ak maafkan kauTpaku harap kau jangan buat lagiOklalhAku nak masuk kelasNanti lewat plak¡±¡°SyaTunggu jap¡± secara spontan Syameer memaut lengan Syameera Mereka tergamam ¡®AlamakApa yang aku buat nehSahLepas ne mesti kena penampar kt minah neh¡¯

By Rosalinda at 15,May,17 01:00

Communism, Nazism, cut from same cloth. Evil is evil whatever name it takes for it~.~fe~~~~~~sl~The murder of children at Beslan should have been far more reported. It is as if the world has forgotten.

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