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a glass of red wine, a rant here, a sleep and i will be better

Posted by anonymous at June 27, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Philosophical

you know what, life is absolutely shit sometimes.
everything could still be the same, but because of the way you feel due to somebody's else comment, or somebody's behaviour towards you, or just a bad feeling due to anything, can turn everything upside down and make you feel absolutely horrible about the same things that you were so happy about the day before!
i am a young woman with not much solid guidance in life. i feel so confused sometimes about things, especially with advice, or the way other people treat me. I don't know if I should accept things that people say, or speak up and let them know when I think that they are wrong. the problem is, sometimes, i think they are absolutely totally wrong and i want to speak up but i know that will put me into trouble so i try to shut up. :/

another thing i am upset about? i am tactless. i can have conversations or interactions with people where i am so tactless that they conceive me wrongly making me feel bad and wondering if i should bother explaining anything to them or if i should just shut up and hope that they forget :/ :/

oh wait, one more thing!!! i am a terrible listener. i do not find other people's stories interesting... unless it is something that is unusual or simply terribly interesting. this has made it quite difficult for me when i try to socialise, as i often find myself drifting away mid-conversation. and it is very embarassing when i don't remember some details that someone has just told me, like their name or their nationality!

ONE more thing
men. need i say seems so clear yet i am so confused. the worst thing is that i am so afraid of putting myself in another vulnerable position that i have made myself unavailable to many many people/

ONEmore thing, please. i swear this is the last.
at work, i am down at the bottom of the hierarchy. a lot of time when something is wrong, other people assume it is my fault! what do i do? say no it wasn't me! (that makes me sound defensive), or just smile and laugh ( i have done that it's not good). Whatever shall i do!!!

If anyone, anyone at all, I don't care who you are or where you are from, should care to give me some advice on any of my woes or dilemmas, i should forever be grateful to you.
much love, now i will finish my wine...


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By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 17:08

nice trolling, lesbian bitch

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 04:57

let me fill ur ass with semen

By anonymous at 09,Jul,10 22:05

You are a tactless doormat.
People walk all over you.
You gain tact from practicing interactions with people. Make your mistakes and learn from your errors.
Maybe your interests are not with others, you are as self-centered as I am. Deal with it.
At least, quit being a doormat and learn tact unless you want to be shunned when you least need it.

By anonymous at 05,Nov,10 19:32

Holy shit, people are dicks lol. You are possibly a little introverted, thats why you may drift off into your own world sometimes. I too am introverted partially but anyway, it takes courage and practice to be amongst people when you're introverted. The best advice i can give is that you should find people that are more like you.

By Allie at 13,Jun,11 07:24

Sudons great to me BWTHDIK

By anonymous at 04,Jan,12 03:49

If you need a friend that feels the same as you email me @ my name is Stephanie I know how you feel

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By Gennaro at 29,Jun,12 17:37

My heart goes out to you Johnette both for the loss of your son Simon and your dear husband too. I send you hugs and preryas, and lift you up to Jesus for great comfort, and Mary too as she so much understands your deep loss.I just lost my dear Mother in Nov 2011, and my heart is broken. I feel your sorrow. There is nothing that can take away the terrible loss we feel when we lose the ones we love.So please know I am thinking of you and lifting you to Mary to hold you close to her heart, as that is where I ask her to hold me too everyday so I can be as strong as she was as she had to let her dear Son go. As I face my deep sorrow, and you continue to face your deep sorrow, know our Mother of Sorrow is with you and holds you close to her heart. The sorrow never goes away, as you know, but the Hope for their life with Jesus now brings us comfort. Peace and love to you dear sweet Johnette. You are a gift to all of us from God. Much love. Sharon Stiles

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