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Posted by admin at January 13, 2008
Tags: General  January 2008

I registered this domain when I was very very depressed. Not that my life was really that bad. Actually it never was too bad. And I always realize that there is a lot of people who live much worse than me. But sometimes even successful people feel bad about themselves. And I'm not too successful one either. I'm just an ordinary guy. So I felt bad about my life and I thought of making a site, where people can express themselves when they feel the same. Indeed all good short domains are taken long ago, so I could not register "" or something like that and the closest free one was this one - "" (I lack imagination too). Now it seems ugly to me, but since I registered it already... Well, next day I indeed felt better and was not already so determined. I also checked google and found some other sites with the same meaning. So I thought that it does not worth to make it. But after several months I decided to make it anyway, because I already had scripts that could be changed easily to suit the purpose.

So here it is. I'm still not sure what the purpose of this site is. It does not seem to be cool if it will be simply full of people's wining. I'm not like the hero of Fight Club (the movie) who visited meetings of fatally ill people in order to start feeling better about his own not so serious problems. I'm quite compassionate, I feel the pain of others so reading about other people's problems would not ever ease my own suffering, could only make it worse. But may be for someone else this site can serve that way.

I also do not think that people are going to give smart advices in response to someone's problems stories. I rather suspect that people will laugh at other people's problems. I don't give too much credit to the humanity. It would be really cool if people with problems could come here, tell their stories and get a good advice. But as I said, I do not believe that it's going to happen.

Another way this site may work - is to gather people with negative attitude to life who could enjoy here talking about how life sucks. But I'm not so sure that I would like that. I'm pretty much of a person with negative attitude to the world. I always note bad things and always ready to critisize them with a great sarcasm. But I realize that joining with the people who has the same attitude is not constructive. Yes, sometimes it can be a fun to critisize everything around in a company of people who think the same way, but it never helps to improve anyone's life in any way.

Anyway, I have already made this site. I'm still working on the design and functionality, but the core seems to be ready. We'll see if it serves anyone or, like most of internet projects, will vanish in vain.


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New Comment

By at 07,May,08 12:53

I guess you were right about how this site would work and it hasnt vanished in vain yet so that's cool. We created a site called

life is brutally unfair com

with more or less same idea . Not sure it serves a purpose either other than broadcasting how brutally unfair life is.

By at 29,May,09 00:32

I don't care anymore about anything. I can't wait for it all to end.

By anonymous at 10,Nov,09 06:50


By anonymous at 22,Apr,11 03:52

I like this site. I will one day vent my frustrations here. Yeah you bet, my life sucks too lol

By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 13:48

Great idea. A true expression of compassion for fellow man, creating a pillar of hope in an otherwise unstable world.

Anonymous posting with no registration or email address is TRUE freedom of speech. Thank you for enabling the countless masses to enjoy a soapbox to vent... anonymously :).

By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 13:37

Wow can't believe it's actually been 4 yrs now and look how silly am i commenting on a long-forgotten post by the great admin who geniusely created this amazing site for people who suck at life! I wonder if you're still alive, though? (giggle).

By pro link building at 24,Sep,13 09:48

3bAK3x Say, you got a nice article post.Thanks Again. Cool.

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