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Keeper of Independance

Posted by anonymous at May 23, 2012
Tags: Juvenile problems  2012 May

Let's start off with a couple things about me. I'm 19, currently working part time as a buser, I go to graphic design school, I don't have a car or my license, and I still live with my dad. Why? Because he won't give me a shot of being independent. I sometimes feel like he doesn't want to move out and grow up. He even hesitated me getting a job, and since he's my ride to work so I don't have a car thanks to him, he sometimes makes me late just so I can get fired. I told him I want to save money to buy a car and have my mom help me with driving, but he recently started making me help pay rent and I'm barely left with any money to make it through the week. I know that he could be teaching me a lesson, but I rather learn these things on my own rather then go through whatever little game he's playing. He won't give me a chance to be independent with my own car and place, I feel like he's afraid of me growing up and wants ne to be a pathetic loser who needs him all the time.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,May,12 10:14

Let's start with a couple of things about me. I have 19 years, currently working part time as a distributor of radioactive lemon, I go to school grave robbing, I have no kidneys or my license for automatic weapons, and I still live with my dad. Why? Because I can not find a gun that shot him in the face. Sometimes I feel like he will not come out and grow. Even doubted that I get a goat, and since he is my commute to work, so do not even mules temperd bad thanks to him, sometimes I'm late for me to clean up their chainsaws in the dishwasher. I said I want to save money to buy a kilo of heroin and my mom helps me with my organ harvasting, but recently he began to make me bite the neighbors so the anger and I just have money left to pay for butter and prostitutes. I know he can teach me lemons, but rather learn these things by getting tortured with rusty lemons. He's not going to give me the opportunity to be intimate with my horse manure in the tank, I feel like he is afraid of me find a cure for the face and wants to be a pathetic ne rodents galloping AIDS who need it all the time .
By IceWriter at 23,May,12 13:11

Shut the hell up and leave the Origanal Poster alone. Also, your logic and use of grammer is simply atrcious to say the least. Attempting to mock broken or disjointed English is not sufficient enough a reason to make me reread every damned sentence.
As for the OC, I'm quite sorry for you. Someday things might get better, soon.
By anonymous at 23,May,12 16:40

NEIN! Ich bin der Kommandant Ihres Gesichts, auch von deiner Schwester. Sie werden wie Herde von Eseln Rabbid.
By anonymous at 23,May,12 16:45

This guys a genius.
By SilentJay at 23,May,12 19:25 Fold Up

I know he's trolling, and I find it funny. It's not like I'm suicidal or anything so it doesn't really bother me. As for my problem it really us stressful, but I actually started looking for a place of my own, its just a matter of timing, and having enough money. Thanks so much for your sympathy though.

By anonymous at 24,May,12 00:56

Go to college

By anonymous at 25,May,12 23:17

Just leave, if you cannot afford school. Go in the navy, coast guard, etc. You need to flee the nut scene pronto.

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