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Always Into Trouble

Posted by Ihatemylife at June 24, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

my life sucks like today, its my sister birthday and we were gonna go to six flags and my sister had her cousin over and i got mad at my sister and she yelled at me. My dad is abusive so after she screamedi got really nervous. A couple seconds later i get yelled at and hit. Now i have to stay home with him. i cant dtand this. im crying now


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New Comment

By concerned at 03,Nov,12 10:03

This site sucks-whoever admins it is in way over their head-it's over-run w/ppl who actually suggest suicide, even methods for it, instead of giving support to those in need. I don't want this to happen, but logically, whoever runs this site will likely end up with a death on their hands and a law suit sooner or later, if not already. They need to get a handle on this site or take it down.
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 19:29

Off yourself
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 20:30

what a mature and thoughtful response!
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 21:34

Is anyone really gonna miss this teenage twat?
By anonymous at 04,Nov,12 08:20

By anonymous at 04,Nov,12 21:21

That bratty teenage Cooze doesn't deserve classy. She'll be a pregnant, crack whore HS dropout at 16. More human waste
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 14:22

what the hell are you even talking about...that makes no sense. how do you even know that the person critiquing this site is teenaged, let alone female. were you drunk when you posted this? what's your deal with all the anger/lashing out?
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 16:33

How do I know she's female? She sounds like a CUNT. How do I know she's a teenager? Only teenagers on this board complain about things this trivial thinking they are major, life shattering traumas.
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 18:31

you must be a real winner with the ladies, you misogynistic piece of shit
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 20:59

Hahahaha! I'm gay you idiot. I don't care what twats think of me
By anonymous at 06,Nov,12 04:45

dude i can't imagine you having success with anyone, male or female with such hate and disrespect, not to mention a pretty limited vocab...get help for your hatred toward women..and why on earth do you want to put down a little girl so badly-it's sick to have a need like that.
By anonymous at 08,Nov,12 22:45

Limited vocabulary? Perfect SAT verbal score. You lose.
By anonymous at 08,Nov,12 22:54 Fold Up

Sorry wrong. Got laid seven ways from Sunday by a 6'2 broad shouldered cop last night. Gonna do it again Friday.
By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 19:40

you have an answer for everything and my gut tells me you are less than honest
By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 21:47

LOL. I can beat you at every turn and you screw it up by thinking with your gut rather than your brain? You are the very definition of pathetic. Now pardon me, I have to go back to fucking officer Wilson.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 11:56

Is English your first language? "my gut tells me", is just an expression and not to be taken literally. It has to do with instinct.
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 19:37

I know it's an expression, meaning 'hunch' etc. and not literal. However the idiot poster thought he was so erudite with his commentary yet he mixes multiple metaphors by stating that his GI tract, verbalizes a cognitive process. Thought I'd throw that flaw in his command of English in his face. BTW English is my first language, but I speak 4 others
By anonymous at 18,Nov,12 16:33

and you didn't like the fact that he was calling you out on being a liar--bro, seriously you have an answer for everything anyone says on here and there is no way that all that you are saying is for real, you just deflect b/c you don't like being called out.
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 16:53 Fold Up

OK let me clarify it for you: implicit in the post is that we're dealing with a teenage girl

1). What male is going to admit to having a screaming fight with their girl cousin and then admit they cried over....

2) the fact that they couldn't go to 6 flags? What adult would get upset over this???
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 18:30 Fold Up

you are way less mature than she is in your choice of words and in lashing out at someone apparently younger and less experienced than you --i gather you aren't a teenager.
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 19:19

Oh then. Damning with faint praise (Shaksperean reference, but you wouldn't know jack shit about that) so you have to admit I'm right by insulting me at the same time. I could think of something sophisticated to say in return, but it would be over your head. So this will have to do: eat yourself out (yes, I know you have a vag)
By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 21:01 Fold Up

So, basically you are all now my bitches LMFAO

By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 21:49

BTW I hope the teenage twat drinks a bottle of bleach
By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 22:08

WHAT?! why?! are you trying to kill her?!
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 11:54 Fold Up

what is wrong with you that you need to pick on a child?
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 14:42

She's a cunt with lungs who bitches about not going to an amusement park. She's taking up bandwidth just like useless spam. She's obviously a spoiled little Trollope from SFV/Glendale who has no concept of the real world and will never aspire to anything. Human waste. Too bad we don't make Soylent Green. She should be the first batch
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 17:31

that doesn't answer what's wrong w/you. it's not normal to pick on kids when you are an adult. ergo something is off w/you.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 18:19

You're so scary brilliant why don't you figure out what my malfunction is
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 19:16

I'm know my limits. It would take a trained professional to figure out what is wrong with you. Seek help.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 17:44 Fold Up

Dude, you are a sick motherfucker, get help.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 18:17

Dude, she's worthless San Fernando Valley trash. She'll probably OD on Hollywood and Vine from Heroin and GHB. The best thing this cuntlette could do is remove her genes from the gene pool
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 19:02

focus on what is wrong with you, not what is wrong with others.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 20:27

OK fine. I'm angry. You have no idea what has happened to me within the past month, the past year, the past three years and the rest of my life.

My psychologist and psychiatrist think it's a miracle I'm stil alive. 95% of victims who have been through what I've been through are dead either through direct suicide or OD through drug abuse. Whoopdefuckingdo I'm stil here. Isn't that a goddamned blessing for all of us. I hate God, I hate humanity and I hate life. Yet pathetically I persist. It would be a mercy if someone put a bullet through my head. Just to be clear, I never hurt anyone in the way of stealing, lying, cheating , defaming, raping, murdering or ever being insincere. I've never raised my arm against anyone except in self defense. I won't even bother telling you what happened to me as a child. I hate life. My lat lover fucked me over twice in a month. The human race knows nothing but self centeredness and cruelty. Our entire species should be made extinct. We have nothing positive to offer the universe
By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 18:19

I'm sorry that you are so angry and in such a bad place. Lashing out at others is just spreading the self-centeredness and cruelty that you seem to hate though.
By anonymous at 18,Nov,12 16:35 Fold Up

just b/c you are from California doesn't mean that everyone on this whole site is. you're perception of reality is skewed.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 18:21 Fold Up

Yes, and 'sick MoFos' are what keep this going. No one here wants 'kumbaya' shit. If the twat really needed help, she'd go to a psychologist

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