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i hate my damn life

Posted by anonymous at June 27, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

i have a ton of allergies and i react with hives and eczema every single day. sometimes i don't even know what caused it. i have eczema and it's go goddamn painful. i can't even laugh without my skin hurting. my skin is always itchy and i can never get a good night's sleep. my sister has good skin and she can do whatever the fuck she wants and nothing happens to her skin. i can't even use lotion without getting irritated. apparently my dad never had eczema all his life but his brother and his sister had it. so you're telling me their kids don't have eczema yet me with my dad who never ever had eczema has it? are you fucking kidding me -__- i have so many allergies i don't even know what to eat. i pretty much eat the same shit everyday because there are so many things i'm allergic to. i just want a normal looking face. i tell my mom and she doesn't understand me. she says i blow every small little problem out of proportion. it's not a small problem! i can't sleep like a nomral person, i can't eat like a normal person, i can't even enjoy summer like a normal person! everyone is having fun and hanging out everyday and i'm stuck at home applying lotion to my skin every hour. it's not that i'm being depressed all the time, i really CANT. heat worsens my eczema, the sun and the wind makes me feel soo uncomfortable. why can't i just be a normal person? i feel so self conscious about my skin, especially at gym when i'm changing. every girl is normal and i'm just stuck staring at them wondering why i can't have normal skin like that. i wanna wear all the fashionable clothes but i can't because i have to cover up all the damn freaking time. it sucks so much!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 20:03

Wow. That's really rough. This may not compare, but I had extremely severe acne as a teenager. I know what it's like to not want to go out in public.

However, what doctors have you seen for your excema and allergies? Dermatologists? Allergenists? Your symptoms scream autoimmune disorder or environmental sensitivity ( BTW I'm a post grad biochemist who works in Pharma/biotech). Purely for your physical comfort you might want see an immunologist about your excema and ask about a class of pharmaceuticals known as psorolins. They work wonders on psoriasis and excema. There are other treatments for autoimmune dermatological syndromes as well, I believe Genentechs Rituxumab is one of them, but not completely sure. In so far as environmental sensitivity, that one is trickier. You have to remove yourself from exposure to multiple different chemical products for a time ( basically live in a clean room) and then slowly reintroduce each one until you find the trigger.

In so far as limited diet, I know all about that one. I have Fibromyalgia and rather than simply taking OxyContin all the time ( didn't want to become a junkie-got enough of them in my family) I took the approach of eating a restricted diet, acupuncture, specific dynamic exercise and chiroprcactory

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 23:29

I really feel for you. I have allergies as well, and it is destroying my life. The hope I have is that many, many people grow out of allergies. They are not well understood. So it is possible that one day, all will be better.

Also, antihistamines are getting better. I take so many of them. Every year it seems a new one comes out. Doctors vary tremendously in terms of how good they are with allergies. Before giving it all up, go to every single doctor there is to see if they can help you. The odds are that one doctor may be of some help. Best of luck... I still have hope that my allergies will go away eventually

By anonymous at 16,Nov,12 22:26

I need a blow job

By anonymous at 16,Nov,12 22:51

My snatch has roaches

By Do something at 18,Nov,12 10:24

One word. Dermatologist. Not is east bumfuck either. Go online to find more about your condition.

By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 18:31

It was so disgusting. I decided to do my 15 year old daughter a favor and pulled her clothes out of the hamper to wash. While pulling the clothes out I found this balled up mass of her panties all stuck together. I pulled it and peeled off her 'hello kitty' panties. There was a sound like Velcro being pulled apart and white flakes fell out like dandruff. When I looked a the panties I found cum and vaginal secretion stains all over. Some of the panties were still wet!

When my daughter got home, I dragged her to her room and told her to pull down her pants-she wasn't even wearing underwear-and get up on the bed. First off she had done a sloppy job of shaving all her pubic hair off and her vagina was all rashed out and enflamed from far, FAR too much intercourse. What the hell can I do??? Anyone know where I can get a chastity belt?!

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