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Optimists make me sick

Posted by anonymous at July 18, 2010
Tags: Bad Luck  2010 July  Philosophical  Relationship

Ironically, the only positive thing I can say to you all is congratulations, you're right about how life sucks. Optimists just cannot accept the fact that nonsensical shit happens and there's no silver lining to it. For example, I had a wonderful boyfriend, the first person I connected with in my shy life, and we helped each other find some measure of happiness. Then he KILLED HIMSELF. There is no silver lining here; I am simply left alone and doubly sad because the happiness I had a taste of was taken away from me. Isn't that silly?

There is no meaning to this. I was happy and now I'm sad. We are at the mercy of our mammalian emotions, and there's no escaping death. There are no values, no rules. The only thing you can do is try to have as many happy experiences as possible because they feel good......but that doesn't mean that you will.

Keep up the good fight, people! (or not, whatever...) At least you're brave enough to admit the truth about life.

Oh, and Optimists: go die in a fire. It probably will turn out to be a positive thing in the end!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Jul,10 18:12

well, i dunno whats your problem with them make believing whatever they want to...

but yeah, as to your prob

well get a new bf you stupid cunt

how hard is that?

there are 100 dicks for one pussy out there

unless you are buttugly

if thats the case then kill yourself
By anonymous at 27,Jul,10 02:40 bloody ass... as if being ugly is her fault, right?
By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 17:00

you know the sad part?

God will send her to hell for hating him for making her/him ugly..

oh the irony..

all the good looking people will goto paradise/heaven because they were happy with their lives.. and thanked God all the time

By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 17:41

Mew... You were happy, but if he killed himself, I gues he wasn't?

By at 28,Jul,10 20:04

Pessimists make me sick. So you chose the wrong friend and paid the price. So what? BFD!
You only can learn through making lots of mistakes.
Life is not a Hollywood movie.
With love, comes distrust.
With joy, comes sadness.
It all equals out in the end.
Get a pet kitten or something.
Go find a new friend.
It is never easy to find a really good friend, but once you find a true soulmate, it is a joy forever.
By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 03:34

fuck you

By at 31,Jul,10 02:35

I hope you find a way in life. I survived brain tumors. I had 13 days to get surgery and had saved the money for it my entire life. I'm lucky to be alive. I truthfully believe things happen for a reason. I personally think you should believe that to. Even though I maybe have five to ten years left by what my doc says I am now building a machine that can cure world hunger. I've always been good looking and had everything, but this was my curse in life. I was treated always with bad info or mean intentions. But I still rised up. And I'm not stopping. I still can have any girl I want anywhere I go but knowing that I'm gonna die soon is unberable to put someone I love through. I have a four years of state schooling. I have a great career that i now can never finish or work at again. I guess what im trying to say is everyone has there own problems, even the best looking to the worst looking. I read these blogs and respond so people to let kno u r not alone. My life I still consider a gift to me and now it's the time to understand that something was wrong with him not you. Don't let his selfishness ruin ur life. I've learned no matter what every last day I have here is so precious, and yours is too. You just need to see it for yourself like I had to. My name is john and my machine will be turned on next year. It will save billions. I had to almost die and got through blindness and two brain surgeries to see that life isn't about me any more it's about everyone out there. That is y Ive made this great invention and I want u to kno that soon this will be a world were no one will have issue with food and money. It's only getting better in the world. My life really went from horrible to greatness, and I did it on my own. You can to. Just shoot for greatness.
By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 00:27

god speed johnny god speed

By anonymous at 19,Jan,11 18:02

I totally agree with you. I fuckin' hate optimists too. If there are any optimists out there reading this spare me your fuckin' dribble and go fuck off.

By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 13:37

You're sad because your life is sad right now. There's no depression or anything to it. Sometimes people are geuinely down for a damn good reason. It's your job to make life good so that you feel good. ^.^ MAKE a silver lining :)

By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 13:38

Also I highly doubt there's an afterlife so I wouldn't bank on it guys. Start making the most of what we've got.

By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 20:03

Optimists would rather lower their standards and pretend nothing is wrong instead of actually trying to fix something. It's laziness under the veil of optimism. Sickening.

By matz crorkz at 23,Nov,14 12:02

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