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Posted by Anony-Mouse at July 11, 2012
Tags: Jul2012

I hate my life because of the fact that every time I try to get somewhere or go after my dreams, I get shut down. This is an example of something that actually happened to me:

Good Things:
-Joined a company selling laptops and made about $2,000 my first week off a sale
-Got a great girlfriend who was the first girl I ever fully felt safe with and connected with on such a level
-Got away from my emotionally and sometimes physically abusive mother who hates me because I'm transgender
-Got two jobs
-Finally bought a moped after years of taking the bus
-Moved out on my own and lived rent free with my girlfriend's coworker

Then my life happened:
-Company turned out to be a scam and involved with credit card fraud. Now I owe $2,000 to collections even after fighting my case.
-Girlfriend dumped me after a month to marry the man I was living with for his money.
-Had to move back in with mom because I couldn't find work and lost all my money taking the city bus to apply to jobs. She literally takes every chance she can to belittle me and remind me how much she does not care for me.
-Lost my previous two jobs even the one that my boss said he'd rehire me for
-Moped broke down on the way to girlfriend's house. Apparently the guy I bought it from completely messed up the wiring and two different mechanics couldn't fix it.

I hate my life. There are so many things that I want to do and I am working so hard to do them and am getting nowhere. I want to travel and see the world. I want to get married and have a family. I want to leave my state and move back to the big city where I came from. But it feels like no matter what I do, I always end up right back at the starting line. I can't travel if I can't get a license. I've had 14 people agree to give me driving lessons and no one has followed through. I can't get married without a girlfriend. None of my relationships last more than a month and I honestly just give up after that last one. I can't go anywhere without a job because I won't have the money to do it. I especially won't be able to even rent a car or a place thanks to my horrible debt.

It's like this:
Life gives me lemons. I make lemonade and set up a lemonade stand and slowly start gaining customers. Then one day a storm wrecks my lemonade stand, squishes all my lemons, and kills off all my customers. Screw you life. I'm going home.


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New Comment

By Tyler Durden at 21,Jun,13 21:40

It when your at the bottom, you're able to do ANYTHING! Go back to school and be a lawyer? No, thats fine fuck school, do skydiving or take boxing/karate lessons. Also, you can make soap, if you can't contact paper Soap Company and the first rule is you don't talk about my organazation. I am Jack's sense of compassion and good will.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,13 13:56

His name was paul

By anonymous at 11,Aug,13 11:58

Your a he-she, go to L.A. get on sunset blvd, do some tricks. hook up with an old sugar daddy,,case closed.

By anonymous at 05,Sep,13 03:19

I totally know the feeling. One minute I had a dream job and a boyfriend, next minute (about a month later) I dumped the boyfriend and the "dream" job turned out to be hell on earth.

By c at 24,Jul,14 15:24

it has been two years since you posted your comment. i hope all is well. life does suck all the things that happened to you sucks but can be replaceable. your mom can even be replaceable sad to say. but is possible. never look down on yourself. have faith. be thankful your alive. yes no job no money is difficult to live but try to get those lemons back on the road. and start something new. try diff places to meet diff people. try to network and find what truly makes you happy. because if you can't make yourself happy how can you make someone else happy with you.when you hit rock bottom the only way left is up.

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By anonymous at 29,Oct,15 23:09

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By Hope is everything at 19,Nov,15 16:05

(sorry, I can't talk english very well)

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