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the social eneny

Posted by anonymous at March 20, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 March

alot of people are against me and i dont know why man.i have sa disoder and bad shyness and people treat me like scrapmeatel from the lowest junkyard.i am 15 years old in high school first year second sem.i dont say much i sit alone.on the count of people i just ouit going to lunch most of the time an just go sit alone by my self at recess.and my sister sees me and never speaks to, heres how people treat me some people say there my freind wich is bullshit because they turn on me.for example a kid will act like they like me for mabye a week or two an then the next fuckin thing they talk about me bad or give me a funny look ethier because of what thier freinds say about me or think im shy weird or what whatever themselvs.that just makes my shyness and social anxiety worse.there is this girl who used to like me at i tried talking to but my sa(social anxiety) made me nervous so that was an epic fuckin every time i look at her she treats not so would say like what or why are you looking me.this is the way most girls treat me at school.she acts like she didnt know i was shy witch she did.i will give you a few symptoms of my sa. when i se stansgers i feeze up or if i talk to them some times.i avoid making eye contact.i will sweat or have hot flashes.i talk in a very low voice people can bearly understand what im saying somtimes.i feel nervous giving presatations. i feel distress going to school.this is very depressing.all i do is stay loocked in my room in front of the tired of bieng a loser with no fiends and no life.please comment


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By anonymous at 04,Apr,11 07:23

Kill yourself. Death is the only way out. Do the world a favor and die now!

By anonymous at 04,Apr,11 19:35

I know how you feel.
By anonymous at 09,May,11 16:32


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