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life truly sucks for those who deserve it least

Posted by I am Me at March 23, 2011
Tags: Job  Justice  2011 March  Money

Today I am driving home from work. I get stopped by a fucking cop who says I was speeding.....64 in a 50.....NO WAY. Yes I was speeding I was going 55 in a 50. The road I turn on was coming up so I was preparing to slow down for my turn. The stupid cop clocked two of us. The car in front of me and myself but I was the one speeding! I don't think so. And I told the mother fucker I wasn't the one doing 64 there was no way. The dick gave me a ticket anyway. Okay fine.....I got a ticket about 4 months ago and if I didn't get another one for a year the points would never show up on my license. I have been very careful about not going more that 5-8 miles over the speed limit so I wouldn't get another ticket....I know that is still speeding but most cops let you off if it is not more than 5 miles over. I work for a school corporation and not in a teaching positition. I make less than $10 an hour and work only 30 hours per week so you can imagine my paychecks aren't very big. Just the other day I was figuring that I worked all day so I could filll the gas tank on my vehicle. So now I have two tickets and no money to pay the last ticket and a job I love but don't make any money at. I lost my mother less than a year ago and had to take time off work for her funeral and didn't get paid for it. and got into debt because I didn't make any money while I was taking care of her last days and funeral arrangement and everytime i move one step forward I get knocked back three steps. I can't get ahead and I am tired of this bullshit life I have to deal with. I just want out!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Apr,11 22:44

money is fake anyways. fuck it.

By anonymous at 04,Apr,11 20:18

Contest the ticket, that might buy you some time. Get a 2nd job; I now have 2 jobs and go to school. Just make it happen; do what you've got to do to survive.

By anonymous at 21,Jul,11 11:48

Trust yourself and believe in God.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 16:12

I understand how you feel I got a bullshit ticket in June 2011 on my own street nonetheless.

I would love to find the cop and smash his fat face. It was hard to resist doing it that morning.

He told me he doesnt give breaks. I wanted him to truly learn what the word break means.

By at 27,Mar,12 07:40

Once a speeding ctkiet is issued the court requests that you decide whether or not to dispute the ctkiet within 15 days. If you do not dispute the ctkiet after 45 days the Justice of the Peace will review the speeding ctkiet. If there has not been a request for a trial or not guilty plea filed by the defendant (the driver) the Justice will review the ctkiet to make sure that everything is proper on the speeding ctkiet. If there are any fatal errors on the ctkiet the Justice will Quash (dismiss) the ctkiet. If everything is proper on the speeding ctkiet the Justice of the Peace will enter a conviction to the charge. Once the Justice enters a conviction to the charge you have 15 days to pay the speeding ctkiet. If the speeding ctkiet does not get paid within the time frame ordered by the Justice of the Peace the court administration will notify the Ministry of Transportation to suspend the drivers license of the driver until the fine is paid.Usually, but not always you have about 2 months after receiving the speeding ctkiet to pay the fine before your drivers license will get suspended.

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