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The over achiever

Posted by anonymous at June 28, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 June  Money  Poverty

Where do I start. Today, I realized that my life is ruined. I dropped out of college (university) after completing one year because I can't afford it. I am poor, I live in a one bedroom apartment with my 3 siblings and parents. We are so broke, we have been living here since I was four, I am now 18. My parents think that it is really difficult to move out, it is merely impossible for them to even think about it. They both claim to be unemployed because there is no work out there, yet they never go and apply anywhere! (so how do they want to get hired) and they will rather live off $300 unemployment checks. My older sister is the only one working. My downstairs neighbors are assholes and they always bitch when my 3 year old nephew comes and visits us because he likes to jump around. I am about $7,000 in debt with school loans and a credit card that I can't even pay off because I am unemployed. My goal this summer was to get my driver license but I haven't even practiced driving and every time I do practice my dad bitches at me because I am such a horrible driver. I feel like I am knee deep into a horrible situation that I can't get out of. I need help. I hope I see the brighter side soon.


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By anonymous at 01,Aug,11 02:39

Your whole family sounds like a bunch of worthless pieces of trailer trash shit.
By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 12:20

pretty mean to tell that to a young adult. how about offering a piece of positive advice instead of insulting someone who is already depressed? maybe you had a bad day. maybe this story reminds you of your childhood??

By anonymous at 03,Aug,11 06:54

you have to take baby steps don't think of the big picture for now just think about making yourself feel better today, go out in the car for like 20mins a day that would make you feel great, wouldn't it? get any old job, even volunteering 2 hours a week, anything, just to build your confidence. There is always organisations out there to help students in trouble, you have to ask though.

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 06:20

Stop saying "This is just God' secret blah blah blah.." if you can't help him/her then just close the zipper on your lips!!!

I can see how much people suffer their horrible lives. don't blame victims.

giving solutions is OK but don't judge him/her bad for feeling hopeless. You would understand if it happened to you!

By at 05,Aug,11 06:52

You think your life sucks? The people at YouTube just posted a video of my life life sucks

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 19:00

Kid, join them military. It is your only hope for a better life. I did it and it helped. Make sure you get a good skill like computers or something like that.

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 22:14

Hang in there--in the whole scheme of things I promise you 7k is NOT a ton of $$ and you are a person that is thinking in creative ways..meaning that you see that going out and applying is worth it--you have ambition to even think that way which is awesome. Don't worry about what your parents are doing. Love them, of course-but there are other ways to learn how to drive is Dad is too neg. for example--can your sis take you out to drive? Can you suck it up ..just for a few hours here and there if she's not able to, and tell yourself that you can/will be good enough driver to pass the test, even if dad is saying neg. stuff? As far as jobs go...i knoow there aren't a ton of jobs out there now--but even if you can go and get something part time to start where they treat you well, and where you do work hard-at only 18-sky is the limit. Many ppl start as busboys and work up to restaurant mgrs. my husband was young, no edu and poor: we had not quite as much debt as you--i think 3k--but this was in 1991 so may have seemed like 7k. To boot we had a child on the way. He was able to get a job digging test pits in the road luckily--it took many years--many years, but gradually we paid off debt and even w/out the college he has a really good job. we aren't rich but definately middle class, e.g. we have a nice house and can pay our bills and not stress over $$. You sound smart and like you have AT LEAST as much ambition as my hubby did...and you don't have a child to pay for--hang in, think positive thoughts about you--you deserve that and it will help to push you fwd to achieving your goals. Good luck I'm rooting for you!

By anonymous at 06,Aug,11 23:11

You say your family can't see enought to move out. But you can

I see you use $ so I'm presuming you're from the US. I know you couldn't contemplate more debt but if you could consider it I would advise getting some money together and emigrating to the UK or Australia (unless you have options with a second language) and getting some work. Their economies are still functioning (I'm Irish and know people who have got and continue to get work in both those countries). If you don't want to abandon your family you can always send money if you can giving them more than you can currently. You could then return with the benefit of having new experiences.

When you get some money together you could probably use your 1st year of college against a new course. They're cheaper in other countries too.

Hope things get easier for you.

By Fitri at 27,Nov,12 15:40

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