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I hate my fucking life

Posted by fck at February 13, 2010
Tags: 2010 February  Juvenile problems  Philosophical

Everyday I wake up, thinking "It's just another day". Why? Because very fucking day is the same. Wake up, go to school, hang with people in my class because they can at least make me smile. Walk home from school to see my aunt and grandpa doing whatever the hell it is they're doing. Go into my room and go on the shittiest computer you can possibly find, and play games that are nearing 10 year olds. Come nighttime and my parents come home. Then I have to go to bed. I'm sick and tired of the same crap all day long. My overprotective parents won't buy me a cellphone, an iPod, or even my own computer. I can't go out on weekdays, and everytime I do something wrong, I get yelled at, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. No one's perfect right? I make mistakes, so why the hell is it that they can't give me some support? I do something good and they don't even notice, nor do I ever get a compliment or thank you from them, and when I do something bad, it JUST SO HAPPENS that they find out about it. WHAT THE FUCK? Is God doing this to me? Is it just my shitty ass life? Why can't everything just work out for itself like my sister's? She never get yelled at, she gets all the compliments, and I HAVE to see all of it, pissing me off even more. I understand they put a roof over my house and gave me life, but too much of their bullshit and just too much. I can't fucking live with them breathing down my neck all the time. They buy my sister nice clothes, and give me 2 pair of jeans, and 10 shirts to wear. All I can do is walk home from school, borrow my sister's iPod, and try to imagine what a perfect life would be like. I'm a guy and god, I didn't cry when I broke my leg, but yet I cry when I'm thinking about these little things. I wish we could live a happy life and just get on with it. I wish I had someone that understand things like I do and for me to talk to, someone that cares for me and someone to actually say "I Love you".


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By anonymous at 05,Mar,14 18:47

This man makes fun of me because of my medical problems he thinks I'm kidding when I can't walk my back hurts so bad that I can't even walk I can walk maybe a few steps and accept them the time I have to take your boots off I have to take his text without typing delete his clothes off of him at night I have to do everything for him the man has a good heart he really does but he doesn't know how to treat a woman that is married to him I wish I had never marry this man I fucking hate him its a love hate relationship I wish sometimes he really would have a heart attack and died what did I really wouldn't know what to do I wish I could hit the lottery and just get out of here but he would go and tell people how bad of wife I am which actually looks better white and then he tells people
By anonymous at 09,Apr,14 19:51

you have all my sympathy. i would never let a man treat me like that. its propably the reason i am still unmarried. you need to take care of yourself. if you have children they will also start treating you badly because he does. you need to get out. you propably never will win the lottery. cant you go to family?
By anonymous at 26,Apr,14 02:09 Fold Up

I'm sorry please leave him, you'll survive better than with him! Bully!

By anonymous at 05,Mar,14 18:49

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