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I lost my husband

Posted by stevie at August 21, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Tragic Events

I lost my husband 8 weeks ago today and im so depressed, we were together 10 yrs and married only 2 and half of those, he was the love of my life. We have 3 kids together, 8, 6, and 3 yrs old. I am so lonely and depressed, some days I dont even want to move but i have no choice i have 3 kids, they keep me going. I miss him like crazy I have never lost anybody close to me and this just blew me over and knocked my whole world out of whack. I try to smile and keep going but im sorry im tired of trying to be strong, thats what people tell me, just stay strong, i want to say you freaking stay strong see how you would feel if it happened to you? Strong is not an easy thing to do. How do I keep going when I love him so much and just wish I could crawl into a hole and never come out. Not many people become widows at 27 yrs old. Im blessed because i have good kids that i love to death but i miss my baby, i miss his texts while im at work, i miss his kisses and his love its like God made him just for me and then when we finally got our lives together God takes him, Im so tired and want to go back into time but I cant. I have to force myself to go on. this is the worst feeling ever. I just wanted to let it out.


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New Comment

By Emme at 18,Sep,11 11:51

well your right
life sucks so so so bad
i am 14 and i killed my self 18 times and non of it worked
you cant believe that i was so depressed
that one night i found my self trying to cut my veins
but have 3 kids and all of them need there mom
most of all the middle child and the older child
if you leave them in there world..thy will never look up to you.

By anonymous at 20,Oct,11 01:31

Don't pay attention to the people telling you should be strong. Why? You just lost your husband, you need to talk to someone about this, cry as much as you can, talk about him as much as you can, shout as much as you can. You are not letting your pain out.....

By anonymous at 20,Oct,11 09:04

only time can heal ur pain. may be in a few yrs it wont hurt as much as now, but it will always stay with u. try to keep ur self busy, so u cant think about it as much. that's what im doin, im just working 2 jobs atm. so i won't have time to think about my crappy life. goodluck..

By anonymous at 02,Jan,12 05:39

To the first comment on here, shut the fuck up, it's not about you, if your 14 and trying to off youself get some medical help because your brain is fucked, a couple good ssri's will fix you up, Jesus. To the poster, my God your story broke my heart. I have no words to comfort you, or any that would help. There is nothing that could possibly ease the pain, just remember that in each of your children there is a small part of him that you will always have. God bless you and I hope you find your way.

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