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Alone Indian in America makes me Depressed

Posted by Arun at August 29, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Loneliness

I am an Indian, Came to US for work.
I am 25 years old Guy seeking out a Successful career.
But where the Hell does this Shit takes me??
Being an Indian among Americans Alienates me and while I am seeing my Colleagues with their Girl Friends, I get Frustrated.

I know that It doesn't makes sense that Being an Indian/American is the reason for my Depression.
But the Lack of friends.

I approached few people so that they will be my friends.
But they are available at the Office hours, But at the Weekends and Evenings, I am all alone, How long can I spend my life like watching movies, Browsing etc.??


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New Comment

By miss lonely at 28,Oct,11 04:49

your not alone arun, i spend half of my time on the net trying to make friends or watching movies(especially friday and saturday nights) its kinda sad and lonely because most of the time am wishing i wish i would have a friend that i would watch the movies with, talk to or someone to listen to, maybe am asking for too much i dont know, maybe there is something wrong with me,i dont know,all i know is that am the lonliest being on earth.

By anonymous at 28,Oct,11 11:37

Hey, i m facing the same problem. The only solution of this problem is,START ENJOYING THE LONELINESS.

By joe at 28,Oct,11 12:10

I am sorry you feel so bad. Everyone wants to be liked and have friends. My bride of 36 years just walked out on me and I never really am gonna understand why.
I have only a couple of friends here. Two middle aged lesbians and lucky to have them.
I am usually ALONE in my misery. I think I need to get out more, do the things that matter to me and not appear to needy for friends or people will pull away even more.
I like horses and motorcycles so I try to meet folk with the same interests. Works pretty good. I meet people now. I need to through a BBQ soon and invite a few over to get to know me better. I think that is the way out of loneliness.
I am not sure but I think so.
Just do not sit alone in your home and let it all depress you until you become so depressed you think the only way out is death. Get off the couch, go where people are, put yourself into your interests and if you have no interests, find some.
Through a Superbowl party, a Halloween party, Poker game, anything to get a few folk over to your place.
Do anything but think you are the only lonely face in the world. You are not reeeally alone in this loneliness thing.


By anonymous at 11,Nov,11 04:56

Hi, friend
i am a 28 year old boy .My name is prem Upadhyay in India.
I am alway alone too together my friend. No body try to understood to me. i want like a friend boy/girl but he/she is understand my felling.i am a true man but poor. so i want a true friend,he is understand my felling. any body accept my friendship He/she/divorcy/widow/any body but true friendship.
If you my friendship so pls contact on my mail id

By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 19:34

American culture unfortunately breeds a lot of loneliness. Divorce is high here, and many people have family issues that affected them socially. I know that is true in my case. We use technology to fill the void. Most Americans and are lonely and afraid to reach out after office hours. But that doesn't mean it's hopeless! Don't wait for them to invite you out because they probably aren't doing anything (pairing off with a girlfriend doesn't mean they have a lot of friends).
FInd a good restaurant, a good movie, a show, something specific and interesting to invite others too. Or invite them over to try a real Indian meal. They might enjoy the chance to try something new or different and learn about your culture as well. You could also try doing volunteer work and meeting others who care about your cause. If they are reluctant at first don't get discouraged. Many Americans have deep social scars. Keep trying!

By crorkz mattz at 15,Jan,15 22:16

jb4tR9 I'm still learning from you, as I'm improving myself. I absolutely liked reading all that is written on your website.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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