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My life is shit, Id rather not be alive

Posted by anonymous at November 30, 2011
Tags: Money  2011 November  Unemployment

I hate my fucking life!

First of all, Due to being unemployed for roughly half a year, I have to live with my psycho mother. Thats right, Im nearly 30 years old and I had to move in with mom again because the economy is fucked beyond belief. There are practically no damn jobs hiring. What makes it worse, is she currently lives in a two bedroom apartment, 1 room is hers, the other is occupied by my bitch sister. So I am stuck in the living room with ZERO privacy. They both constantly talk down to me like I am a loser, when they cant get their shit together themselves. Damn hypocrites.

But thats not even the worst of it!! My mom is a compulsive hoarder. Have you ever seen that show "Hoarders?" Guess what, thats the same problem my mom has! So I have to sleep on a couch around piles & MOUNTAINS of useless junk that she collects. She refuses to throw any of it away. I cant even walk around in the apartment. I cant throw her stuff away because she will freak out on me and kick me out. She wants all the useless crap around, she obviously has mental problems.

What makes matters worse is I am in extreme debt with Student loans because (years ago) after I graduated, the jobs in my field went away due to the fucked up economy. Awesome timing huh? I graduate and then the economy gets fucked. Now there are no jobs worth a shit. So for the last several years the only job I could get, was for a shitty company that barely paid anything. They finally laid me off 6 months ago and I have not been able to get a job since. As for my debt? Well how will I pay them with out a job? My credit is fucked now for life. Im screwed.

The only friends I had in my life have pretty much moved on. They are married now or moved away and have problems of their own. They don't give a shit about me anymore. I have only had 4 girlfriends in my life. The last two where whores with serious drinking & drug issues. They both cheated (which is why I call them whores).

I have never used drugs, I don't drink. I don't hurt other people. I am just trying to get my life together, but every time I try to I get fucked over again and again! Now Im an adult that lives with a psycho mother with tons of compulsive problems, and I cant find a damn job to move back out of this fucking dump! I hate my life. Honestly most days I feel like Id rather just be dead.


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New Comment

By at 03,Jan,12 20:35

LoL i dont mean this in a rude way at all.....But honestly buddy, just supose you took a job at mcdonalds and got yourself some little cheap ass pad for awhile until you got situated.....Cant be worst then your home life can it?

Your moms a hoarder....get a bunch of boxes and CAREFULLY packed and label everything away in boxes for her out....dont overwelm her, just say "mom im not throwing it away, im just packing it away" And once you help get her life in order, she may settle down like you wouldnt beleive....which would make your life more bearable. As for your sister......just ignore her when shes a bitch......treat her like she deserves to be treated....and of course when she deserves credit, give it to her.....youll find that ALOT of people generally dont wanna be bitches once they see how meek and polite you react to them....its not maybe after awhile you and your sis might even bond a bit better....

Get your life on track.....try to be happy and positive....and be a good person.....and god will overflow your cup with blessings.

I think the preacher T.D Jakes said it best....."WHEN PRAYS GO UP, BLESSINGS COME DOWN"

By at 03,Jan,12 20:38

O yeah, and you got an AMAZING record in my eyes, seeing as you havent done drugs ever...and you dont drink...



By anonymous at 04,Jan,12 02:07

I'm in a similar boat. but try being umemployed for almost 3 years....then complain

By anonymous at 07,Jan,12 00:16

Ha! Try living with 7 people in a 2 bedroom apartment and an abusive father.

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 00:57

Ha! Report the mother fucker and then DIVORCE YOUR PARENTS... HA!

By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 00:27

I understand your situation. I am a single father of a 9 year old, and my 5 year old is with me every night due to his mother working nights. So there are 3 of us living in a 8 x 10 room. Yes at my mothers! I was a superintendent of a company and lost my job almost a year ago. I can't find work in my area. I'm told that I am either not qualified, or over qualified. I have went on more than 25 interviews in the last 6 months. The job market is terrible. I am pushing 35 years old and had been out on my own since in was 17. I had not made less than 40k in the last 8 to 10 years. So living on unemployment is a lot to get used to. I lost my house, car, the most beautiful girlfriend anyone could ask for, and my job all with in a two month period. What I've learned, when your rock bottom you learn a lot about yourself..

By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 17:44

Hey what can I say...The thing is things are even worse since you posted. I can share that by positive thinking..hard to can keep from being to glum. I think helping your mom might help you both. I'm not preaching though we all know what you mean.....hang in there it can't get worse...and could get better. Good Luck

By anonymous at 02,Jan,13 10:14

I totally hear you my husband had not only his job but identity theft and we we live in basement of my mil for four years plus one cat no job for my husband I have two teenaged daughters. Nothing has gone right working bunch of side jobs grr

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