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why does life suck?

Posted by christian at April 26, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Juvenile problems  Loneliness  Meaninglessness

okay so most people would say life isnt that bad, but in truth, it really is. nothing has really happened lately but i really feel i am a nobody. i have tons of friends but im not close to anyone. my BEST friend who i loved like a brother moved and i have no contact with him because of his pill head mom. the "special girl" i like really digs me too, but i know if i asked her out she would tell me no. shes just so cool but so shy to that kind of stuff. i have no one to connect to and its tearing me apart. i would never do suicide but life does really suck. im a big christian, (as my name,) and i have a relationship with god, but still. i dont know what to do. i feel like cutting but just to relieve stress, and no aim to kill. im locked up in my own world and its becoming a night mare. people that have no controll over me tell me what to do and ive had enough, considering every bit has no reason. if their is a good reason, i follow their wishes but it gets annoying. when ur first kiss is with a hoe and she dates all of ur friends, it also lets u know that what u had was nothing special. i look at everyone else in my grade as little kids, but some are older than me. i feel older inside thatmn i really am. im really young but i feel i should be older. i guess u could say im an adult in a kids body. it feesls good to let it all out and releive some stress. but now i have to go back to my suckish life.


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By anonymous at 27,Apr,10 19:01

i have a forensics degree. i am so smart and no one will hire me. my husband thinks i am a cheat. i hate life. i live precariously through my daughter. i am going to school this fall and am not looking forward to it. i hate everyone and everything. I know my worth but in society it does not amount to much. Which is a complete load of shit.


i am drinking again
By christian at 28,Apr,10 17:19

lol i guess we know how eachother feels. it really sucks when there is so much you can do and it leads to nothing. i guess all we can do is pray ;) and u shouldnt drink too much lol
By anonymous at 07,Aug,11 18:24

praying will get you nowhere... its a cruch that people use to help them through things... it is only self satisfying if u are into that stuff... pray all u want nothing will get better
By anonymous at 18,Oct,11 00:06

I hate you no cares about your bitching anonymous
By anonymous at 26,Oct,11 21:54 Fold Up

okay, prayer will always get you somewhere God may not answer right away but you will see his bigger plan in the long runn ! and whoever your are that told this woman nothing will get better ?? are you seriouis why try to make someone feel worst come on dont be stupid and obviously you wouldnt have found this page if your like doidnt suck too ... just try and pray and you will feel better !
By anonymous at 14,Nov,11 22:02

god is a lie who is only there to ease the hardships of simple minded blow hards.
By anonymous at 16,Feb,12 22:09

shut the fuck up god is not a lie. if he was a lie then none of us would be alive right now so stop acting like you know everything because no one knows everything. so stop being a cunt and don't judge people
By anonymous at 14,Apr,14 01:09

dumb fuck.
By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 20:01 Fold Up

This is true in a sense...Many people beleive in a god who created us but it was not a man it was nature, My god is nature and for the no-one can argue it. We are here with out a doubt so god(nature) created us. We are god.Every person is their own god. Same goes with the "Devil". Its just stupid names we gave it that was misleaded for thousands of years. I dont like using the word "GOD". People get the wrong impression of what i am talking about. We are all connected and I jumped up out of bed and wrote this...instantly. Why? Coincidence? Maybe a reason for one of you? Maybe I am writing this to myself to help myself. We all have good/Evil in us. Which is a god/devil. Neither of these identities really exist physically but are energies that are very powerful. Heres proof...A man kidnaps a 5 year old child, He rapes the boy and slits his throat. Is this Evil? Is this man a Devil? The answer is YES
If you say "NO" well you are on the otherside, maybe you can understand why someone would do that, and it is acceptable. Well you are Evil
By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 20:15 Fold Up

I am a man of science and prayer absolutley works. Not saying a single prayer is going to give us world peace but it gives hope. Prayer is scientifical proven to work and we do not know why it works even if the person didn't know someone was praying for them. The healing process is quicker with prayer. I think the reason why it works is because "Thought" or a "thought" can actually be measured in a frequency very small and weak. But still can be measured on a machine. Universe cannot exist without thought entering into it. I have rpoven this and will prove it to you. Think of something small you want for free, something small not a billion dollars or a ferrari. Something like umm a computer or a t.v. Find a picture of it and stick it on your door in your bedroom, also copy it to your desktop. Put a picture of it in your car,locker,office so that image is in your head. that thought is projected out into the universe. It will come to you. My son did it with a ipod but by accident he cut out a picture of a Iphone they look alike. I told him thats not a ipod he said well it looks like one, well anyways one month he got a iphone FREE. I also did it with a suzuki gsxr1000. it worked that took about a month too. I guess its kinda like a crackhead, when they runout, yes i too was a crackhead at one point. But they WILL find a way to get it one way or another...right? It is on there mind 24/7 thats what makes an addict. THOUGHT BECOME THINGS
By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 19:47 Fold Up

Life does suck royally, but you need to find the things you get enjoyment from. I am very poor and I am so sick of worrying about money and everyone around me saying the same shit. I guess I am trying to be simple as possible in my life. I dont date because most girls are douches. Friends are usually a pain in the ass. I try to #1 smoke pot daily and find the fun things in life for me it is riding my streetbike,fishing and spending time with my son. Bottom line is LIFE DOES SUCK. So either kill yourself or suffer through it. I considered suicide around 3000 times. but your death will affect many many people whether you beleive it or not. I have a son that I try to keep a positive attitude around. But what helped me the most was FORGET about what you want. All the things you wish you had FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET for now, and think of the good side of things. I know it sounds like shit but, when I lay down at night and it is quiet. That is peace, I am happy there are not bombs or guns going off, or I dont need to watch over my shoulder like when I went to prison (twice). For bullshit charges dumb bitch said I hit her when I didn't beleive what you may. Be happy you have oodle of noodles for supper. Most of you havent been down in the shit. Have you experienced war? Prison? Near death? I am a man of science and always said god was bullshit, it is a cruch I guess. I have surrendered to a higher being.That being said I would never go to church and I hate HOLLY ROLLERS. I tell the jahovas witness to piss off. But I still look toward the higher being, it is something inside me it is not a white bearded man,cause thats bullshit. My god is something very different it is a "connection" that connects all of us together along with the trees and sun and everything. Once you can feel that we are connected to everything around you, you will understand what I am talking about. I studied quantum physics for many years and wrote many philosophies on the subject. The small difference in the world we make is bullshit,thats what gets you mad. The reason of not understanding why you were born pisses you off. I get it and live with it everyday. There cant always be a clown to entertain you 24/7. Thats what makes life boring too. You need to understand these things I am writing. I came to this page because I asked myself "why people hate life" If you hate life you hate yourself. Something that makes you feel guilty get over it and forgive yourself. I have done many hanis acts in my life beyond what i can write here. People can change and living here on earth is HELL, when you die its HEAVEN meaning that you need not worry anymore because you are DEAD. My brain moves very quickly and thought come to me at great speeds and it makes it tough for me to cope but I am not giving up, stop being a lil bitch...Life is a struggle! Are you up for the struggle? If you answer "NO". Then consider death. You cant be a pussy about life and killing yourself. Choose one and move on. Remember and dont forget the changes you will make in people lives that love you, besides we only live till 70-90 thats not very long....Drink moderately, smoke some good pot and have a attitude of gratitude. Be Thankful. Laughing my ass off a few times a week is worth living, fuck money! Consume only what you need to survive. Be generous and share,help out others when you see they need help. Become a better person, Fuck the Government,fuck the Wars to make rich people richer. Stay away from society Oh and smoke pot!!!!!!
By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 19:51

Any Questions about anything email me at
By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 20:05 Fold Up

You are creating your own hell. #1 The economy sucks, guys think girls are whores which many of them are, Life is a struggle..DUH. Who doesnt live through their kids its normal. School sucks I am enrolled and not looking forward to it but I want to go thats why we signed up, quit if you dont want to go. Everyone does suck for the most part. You hate everything? Even sex? People dont amount to shit alone but together I beleive things could get better.

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By anonymous at 26,Jun,13 21:39

I know how you feel. I hate my life. I had move out of the country and leave all my friends and family. Including my dad. I also had to leave the girl I think I loved. Idk if I do. But man I just wanted to tell you that I understand you pain I feel like no one understands. I'm big Christian too hell my peraents are pastors but I feel like no one is here for me.

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