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Helpless & Pointless makes me feel like shit

Posted by anonymous at June 8, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Philosophical

everyday i juz wake up. n stand in front of the computer. i watch other people suffer n i cant help jackshit even if i wanted to. or i read stories bout people suffering n i cant do jackshit. i hate being helpless. and here i am stuck in front of this motherfucking monitor. maybe i prefer not to have any cuz i hate being backstabbed or used. im always have homicidal plus suicidal tendency so im not afraid to bullies or shit like that.

people see life as to enjoy it. i think of that just an opinion from another fucktard who think himself as einstein. the only good life happens when ur parents is fucking rich ass bitch who got money to burn and decide to have you n buy u a gun ornament to stuck up at your pocket so you can shoot any motherfucker u hate and simply bail you out or bribe the judge to get you off the hook.

listen to me people. if u a poor ass fuck. then dont even think bout havin baby. u want them to be grown in this shitty world ass fuck? U think their existence will fix your problems? u think u can give em happiness? aw cmon im from a poor family by the time i can afford myself a computer my parents fucking died from a shootout from loan sharks. if you cant fix yourself then dont expect your babies will fix em for you. they juz gonna blame u for bringing them up in this shit whack for me. i can only sit life is here. in front of the monitor. till im dead. maybe i'll commit a huge shopping mall genocide strapped with C4 on my torso before i die mwahahaha....*sigh*


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