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Posted by anonymous at June 24, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 June

I am 25 yrs old. I have a perfect boyfie- handsome, caring, faithful etc etc. we've known each other since high school. its 7 yrs now and still counting. (in relationship with him about 4months ago) but my parents go against us. dad checked every phone call i made, every sms i received, every steps that i made. he also took my phone during the night. if im on the phone with my boyfie, he would misscall me so that he knew whether im on the phone or not. (we are in the same house). even if he dont, my sisters would report to my parents that i was on the phone with my bf during the night. suck. isnt it?
my parents do not allow me to watch movie. cant listen to music. cant play games. cant eat more. cant sleep more than normal (if i do, hot water will be splashed on me]. cant have vacation with friends [they're too busy to bring us to a vacation]. cant have boyfriend. have to read religious books. have to wear religious clothes. im doing my internship now so i practically stay at home. i have another one semester to complete my degree. parents ask to continue study off hostel means i cant stay in a hostel because they afraid i would go out. maybe they want me to live in a shell that they want to carry everywhere. they even go against my bro's relationship with the stupid fucking reason - distance (but still in the same country,stupido). make any sense?
im finishing my internship soon. i feel like destroying myself. they are irrelevant! i dont ask them for money. i live with my own loan money. i have to pay $15k after i complete my deg. and my house dont have TV.

anyway, i want to write more. but this is the only thing for now. i cant think more. i miss him. i cant even hangout with anyone. im not a high school kid anymore. im not a breastfeeding baby. im a 25-year-old women already, for God's sake. suck. fuck.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 17:37

Tell your parents to STFU and leave you alone, you are 25 years old. If they don't want to accept that then move out and live with your boyfriend or a financially stable friend. I can't believe they treat that way at 25 when you legally became an adult at 21.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 21:41

I was an honor student with near perfect SAT scores. I attended college for two years studying Science, Engineering and Mathematics. I was also on the college track team. I finally had enough with my parents, dropped out of school and took the first minimum wage job that came along.
After dropping out of college and leaving home, I moved to another state, left no forwarding address and never talked to my parents again.
Before I left home, my computer science teacher called me at home and asked why I dropped out, as I was the best student he had in the last five years (I grew up in Silicon Valley). I told him that I needed to drop school and get out away from my parents.
My parents are both under psychiatric care, and for good reason.
I have never regretted my decision.
Get a clue, leave home now, at any cost: your parents are psycho and psycho is contagious!

By anonymous at 05,Jul,10 04:56


By at 05,Jul,10 20:56

I dunno how much my opinion will matter. I'm just someone on the internet, but here's my Advice:


Anon is right, while he/she/it says to tell them to STFU and such. You're 25 now, 21 is the max time frame they have to boss your guts. If they don't like it, tough for them. Tis' hell you go through, give nothing but the Hellish Void of a ex-communicated family member in return.

I hope there was but a single piece of useful info in my Advice. May your journey be an easy one. (Oh, and, walk in God's grace, provided that you're religious. If not, omit this last part.)
By anonymous at 06,Jul,10 21:19

I am "anonymous at 04,Jul,10 20:41"
I agree 100% with you Dr. Internet.

By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 01:20

why cant you just move out or leave i would sooo not let my parents walk all over me ugh well if it make u feel better you probably have a better life than me

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