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i really fucking hate my life

Posted by nonarky at June 27, 2010
Tags: Job  2010 June  Money  Poverty  Society  Unemployment

im 21, all the jobs i ever had, was fired from all of them, i recently worked at mcdonalds as a maintnance person for 3 years, got fired fort false claims of sexual harrassment from a fat ugly chick that wanted to fuck me and i refused and thats how she retaliated against me.

after that it was very difficult for me gettin another job because of bad references from my previous employers.

then i land a job at a mexican restaurant, worked there for a month and end up getting fired for not working fast enough.

so then again im jobless, i cant get into college because im not elgible for finacial aid, so there goes my life right there cant get funding for school so im going to be a nobody for the rest of my life,

i try getting into the army, i couldnt pass the asvab test because i lack math skills, 32 is minimum to pass, most people get 50% or better on the asvab test and the best i only can get is a 25% on the test, i took the test 7 times and couldnt get better than 25, so now i feel worthless and fucking dumb.

right now i applied at 10 different job places, speedway, little ceasers, menards, hope depot, walmart, meijer, right aide, wallgreens, carpet to go,
demmers, and job agencies,

i had interviews at all of them, but every single fucking time, i been refused job offers and it just keeps happening.

here is the worst, i got 2 no proof of insurance tickets and 13 parking tickets ,

i havent figured out yet how much its all going to be, i have no job, no income and dont have the ability these damn tickets, so now the state is going to suspend my drivers license and soon i will be driving on a suspended license until i end up going to jail and my car taken away.

now im living in an abandoned house, stealing electricity, thankfully theres no other houses around or neighbors, power company hasnt caught on yet,

i have 2 rifles and everyday i feel like putting my self out of misery because

i cant do shit right in my life, i always ending up fucking up my job situations
with it being or not being my fault.

i do have a very good best friend i have, i dont want him to hate me for just ending my my life but i feel like i have no choice its either live in fucking horrible conditions for the rest of my life or just end it all now.

I HATE LIFE!!!!!!!!!


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