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Some food for thought...

Posted by nicholas at June 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Philosophical  Relationship

I think I finally understand the meaning of love. Love isn't what people say it is. "Two people who care about eachother more than themselves." That is what I usually hear. But they are wrong. I think it is just a disguise of mankinds primitive nature...

Love for a child? Well your parents would protect you just like any mammal would... very similar.

Love for a wife? Identical to how any mammal would mate...

Cheating? It's human nature to cheat on your spouse. People tend to not give into temptation but the temptation is there... another common traight among mammals.

What else is there... oh ya the female pretty much chooses the male, most people have multiple partners, and the idea of sex itself is common amongst our counterparts.

People use love to seperate us with everything else... but it's the same thing... Kinda gives you a sense that love has no meaning really...

In short no pair of people could truely love eachother. The whole idea with love is perfect, meaningful, destined for all... it's just bullshit.

I guess the only benefit of finding a mate is to get financial benefits. The wife could help double income i suppose...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Jul,10 09:19

It's called LIFE. All this is not wrong. It is who we are.
There is love - it's an attraction over a long period of time.
nothing to be sad about, afterall we're just human

By at 11,Jul,10 16:08

You're wrong. Most animals mate to reproduce. Humans have sex for pleasure and reproduction. Humans have real love for each other. I love my sweetheart more than myself and my life is so much better with him in it. Everyone doesn't cheat either, some have self control and others don't. It all goes back to basic human needs and desires, but what seperates us is that we have moral and ethical control and expectations.
By nicholas at 12,Jul,10 00:10

but can you prove to me that animals do not have sex for pleasure? Actually you don't have to because you said MOST do, still it doesn't place humans in a different category from other species. Also it is human nature to cheat on eachother. The whole thing goes back many years ago... Ill explain it in anotehr post.
By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 03:58 Fold Up

Not so smart MF
By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 04:20 Fold Up

By D at 08,Sep,10 21:03 Fold Up

I think you missed the point. You may have "self-control" but the desire is still there. "Love" is one of the biggest bullshit words in our language. There is no love. Males are only interested in physical attractiveness and females only care about stregth; someone who'll protect them. In the end it all comes down to the same thing: Sex/Reproduction.

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 22:46

Humans are the scum of the earth.

By anonymous at 13,Jul,10 10:55

if you never tried to believe in love, then you cant expect it to come your way. Go on and talk about human nature and whatsoever. But soon you'll find out true love does exist. its just how you face it when it comes your way, and whether or not you're willing to give it your all.

By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 16:09

Just because love might not have the meaning most people ascribe to it does not mean that it has no meaning at all.

It is what it is, and whatever, pretty much, you want it to be.

Bonobos have sex for pleasure, by the way, and animals are protective of each other, yes. You're saying it's bad that we are like other animals in some ways? Maybe evolution got it right in species other than our own.

You sound kind of misogynistic. Please don't get "a wife" for the extra income.
By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 04:25

HELLO!!!! Woman gets Husband for extra income, not the other way around. Women are disgusting. Is that mysogynistic enough for ya!
By nicholas at 08,Aug,10 21:02

Well I have no experience with women at all and I'm in my early 20's. I'm no alpha male, I'm a nerd. Women need someone who is socially powerful, a department that I am not so strong in. It's not just women who are disgusting. It's humanity itself. I don't consider myself human because I can look back at my past and say that I was a fair and decent person. To be called human is like calling the wealthy a middle class person.
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 02:07

not necessarily, i personally do not like the "alpha male" type, i prefer a guy who really understands the way the world works and has a unique perspective of me :) like u have, so i would hardly doubt u have NEVER has a gf before ;)

By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 02:14


By Cecilia at 04,Mar,13 01:27

Hi! I just love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what you're tnyrig to say. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say. Good luck!

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