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For BROKEN and all the Other Mean Posters

Posted by Cursed at June 11, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Philosophical

My theory about the negative, mean, people on Life Sucks, especially BROKEN, is that you were hurt during your early childhood. More than likely you were abused both physically and emotionally, neglected, rejected, and/or abandoned. You were most likely not wanted by your parents or at least that is how they made you feel? You grew up with feelings of insecurity and failure due to the fact that you did not have loving and giving parents. Maybe you were raised by a foster family; maybe you didn’t even have parents? But in any case, what is clear is that you did not have a strong, loving, positive, emotional support network of family members. Maybe you grew up poor or rich or middle class, but you learned early on, that you would get more attention acting out your anger rather than keeping it bottled inside. Through manipulation, jealousy, competitiveness, and sheer determination, you have systematically built a defense, so that inflicting pain and negativity on others makes you feel better about yourself. The insecurity is quite obvious. Writing shitty comments fuels the anger of the other posters- hence you receive the attention that you lack/never got/get in the real world. I feel bad for you. Truly I do. The root of your anger and sadness stems deep down inside- and going on Life Sucks is a mechanism to cope. I understand to some degree, why you write shitty stuff to complete strangers as there are no repercussions. It is tragic and I wish that there was help for you….. Unfortunately, for me and for numerous other posters, your comments do hurt. Which is what you want? You feel the need to wreak havoc and venom, since you yourself have been hurt. I’m sorry. I don’t have an answer or a solution to your pain. Also, you don’t have me pegged correctly. I am certainly not a virgin. I am Caucasian, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m heavier than I want to be (my insecurity) but I am working on that… I fractured my ankle a year ago and so I can’t do half the things I loved to do once… and that makes me sad and the pounds have packed on from lack of activity. My vagina is not moldy, but I do have herpes HSV-1 and another reason that I am depressed. However, I have reached an age where my looks are not as important to me, and I have come to terms with dealing with my STD. I spend much of my time on Life Sucks while I am at work and that is why I post so much. It makes me feel better to offer advice to people, who for one reason or another- are upset, lack self-esteem (like me), and who wish that their life was different. I was abused and molested so I can relate to many postings. I apologize for seeming like “a know-it all” or a “good two-shoe” and certainly my intention is to help, not pontificate. So, with that being said, I hope that at some point, you come to terms with who you are and why you are irritable and angry. And eventually, perhaps you will find happiness in your life and won’t feel the need to be so mean…. Also, my real name is Jennifer. But cursed is how I feel. Peace to you Broken and the "others" for you are in dire need of some-


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New Comment

By broken at 22,Jun,12 07:36

Yes, you're right.

When I was little daddy fucked me.... And I loved it.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 11:10

So that's explains it, that is why you're a bad case of diarrhea to this site.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 20:31 Fold Up

You"re a lost cause.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 20:33 Fold Up

Your a disgusting person.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 20:40

My comments are getting skipped around. I don't want to address the wrong person. The lost cause and disgusting person I'm referring to above is to Broken who made the disgusting comment about sex with dad. Your an evil troll. You don't belong on this website.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 09:13

I'd be money that the anonymous commenting on this/talking shit is actually "Broken" using anon to post. Writing style is the same.
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 16:18

Of course it is! Infact my theory is that Broken and Truth are one in the same person. Been on here long enough to notice that when Broken comments Truth is no where around and vice versa. Pretty scary when people have to make up new handles because they suck so much!
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 17:39

You can speculate all you want fucktards. As for who sucks you need only to look in the mirror.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 18:03

I have heard more sophisticated retorts from eight year olds! Grow Up!!
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 20:32

My my. Your about as sophisticated as an adolescent slut trying to lose their virginity. Your about as sophisticated as 5 year old kid who wants to smoke. The reality is your just a stuck up snob who has no heart no morals and no conscience. I've got news for you slut. Being a heartless mean person does NOT make one sophisticated. You are delusional. My nine year old niece is a lot more intelligent than you. The fact is your just another troll who has nothing else to do with your worthless life except to write hateful insults. That's NOT sophisticated. That's cruel and sick. Unlike you I'm a moral person and my one fingernail is worth more than your whole body. A degenerate dirtbag troll such as you are about as moral as an average tapeworm. And YOU are the immature one who needs to grow up. What your doing is acting like bored nasty children who enjoy insulting and harassing others. Not only are you cruel;immoral or amoral; but your a childish and immature as well. YOU are the one who needs to grow up. And do use birth control. Nasty assholes such as you should NOT breed.You trolls are evil scum. I DON'T care what you think of me. Your comments are utterly worthless. Your worthless. You shouldn't be on this website. Don't write again. Go away and stay away.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 21:36

lol--you are being way more insulting and doing just the same, but worse, as what you claim to hate so much! what a hypocrite and...and so many holes in your logic.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 23:18

For your edification; I don't go around insulting decent people; which you are NOT. I'm good and friendly with good people and not with nasty asshole trolls such as you. I have an excellent ability to determine a person's s good or evil and I can tell from your comments that you are a nasty stuck up snob; and a troll who enjoys and gloats over the suffering and misery of others and to write hateful comments. Why else are you here? To help? I don't think so. And I m not a hypocrite. I never said I was nice to nasty people and trolls such as you. You cruel degenerates don't deserve any kindness. And I have no respect for evil scum such as you. I came on this website for moral support but instead I found cruelty; nastiness; degeneracy; depravity; and stupidity. What a mistake I made by coming to this troll infested website; and you are a troll. I tried to have polite intelligent conversations but I found myself being harraased by degenerate trolls such as yourself. Keep reading elsewhere on this website as some degenerate dirtbag who calls himself Devil and Satan is harrassing me and writing vile offensives things. And some puke a few blots above this tells me to kill myself. Was that you? I have a right to defend myself. Horrible evil scum are infesting this website in case you didn't notice. Immoral and amoral people such as yourself. The one common denominator with all you trolls is that you are filled with hateful venom; malice; and cruelty,. Its impossible to be polite with you evil degenerate scumbags. You mentally sick and morally sick people thrive on hate; insults; cruelty; and malice toward others. I'm just defending myself. You degenerates force me to hate and insult. You don't want to get along. So no I'm not a hypocrite. Its evil degenerate dirtbag trolls such as yourself who have unleashed the hate; anger; and evil within me. Just look at the rest of this disgusting website and look at the joke and tragedy it has degenerated into. You trolls have ruined this website. Are you proud of yourselves? You prove that the Devil rules this screwed up world and if your not smart enough to see this; than that's your problem.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 21:40 Fold Up

okaaayy so you have to revert to name calling and hateful words..can't stand on any reasonable are the hateful one! the folks that you are insulting are just trying to shut down ppl that are being mean vs supportive to ppl in dire need of help.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 01:11

Maybe there is a misunderstanding; miscommunication and confusion between us. Because we are anonymous; it can get confusing who is talking to who. Maybe I mistook you for one of these horrible trolls which are infesting this website. If that's the case then I'm sorry. You see I also want and tried to be helpful and supportive but I found myself bombarded by horrible; evil people or trolls. Haven't you read all of the threads under the life sucks / philosophy category and the life sucks / loneliness category where I'm being harrassed by horribly evil degenerate scumbags; some of them anonymous and one of the worst is a sick degenerate who calls himself Devil; Satan; and dead mom fuck. The vileness in their writings is beyond horrific. I have a right to defend myself from these evil people. They have succeeded in getting me angry and I'm cursing and insulting them. But they force me to hate them. They don't want to get along. These evil degenerates thrive and gloat over the suffering and misfortunes of others and are writing horrible offensives rot on this website and they have targeted me. Just read all of the threads and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'm also defending other hurting people on this website from these trolls and not just myself. Maybe we both confused eachother for trolls. There are so many horrible comments on this philosophy category and in the loneliness category that it can get hard and confusing to tell friend from foe. And hard to tell the difference between the good people and the bad people or trolls. And because much of this is anonymous and sometimes the comments get skipped around it can be easy to get confused and have a misunderstanding. On this very thread; just scroll upward where I comment that the trolls make me sick; some cruel person writes that I should kill myself. Obviously its some troll who wrote that. So I feel the need to lash out. Don't I have the right to defend myself? I am only insulting the trolls on this website; if you read carefully and if you read the Entire philosophy category and the entire loneliness category. There are two sides to the story. These horribly evil people or trolls have ruined this website and degenerated this website into a sad joke and travesty of insults and curses and they have targeted me. They have brought out hatred; anger; and evil within me. Can you understand what I'm saying? The world is a quagmire of evil and cruelty ruled by the Devil as is one third of this website. The cancer is spreading. There's a lot to worry about.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 21:08

No problem, I think you are right, this was a misunderstanding--i was trying to give it back to the mean and less than supportive ppl on here-not someone who wants to do the same:-)
By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 20:46 Fold Up

This was w misunderstanding. I wrongly thought you were a troll.
By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 20:54 Fold Up

Broken you piece of donkey shit and advertisement for birth control. You caused confusion and wasted time and wasted effort as I wrongly thought cursed was a troll. Its YOU who is the troll you fucking cum stain. Theres like three or four wasted paragraphs below where me and cursed are insulting eachother. We mistakenly thought we were trolls. And its because of you you ass wipe.Go fuck yourself and then go flush yourself. Your slut whore mother should have flushed you right at birth you degenerate assfuck.
By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 16:41

And Broken let me say this to you. You motherfucking assfucking degenerate maggot infested shit from the lowest level of a sewer you can go fuck yourself. No one gives a shit about you. Your a poor execuse for a human being. You prove Satan the Devil rules this fucked up world and not a loving God. You fucking tapeworm. You fucking ass wipe. You fucking cancer. I hate you beyond words. Go fuck yourself and fuck you.
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 16:00 Fold Up

Broken you suck the shit from your mothers ass. You were born from your mothers ass. Fuck you cretin.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 19:57

Dear Miss Cursed; Im sorry for being rude. I wrongly thought you were one of those trolls. Its getting confusing to know who is who and as these trolls have made me their main target I am getting suspicious and scared as well as confused. You can find me throughout this Life Sucks/ philosophy category and in the Life Sucks/ loneliness category. These evil horrible people have unleashed the anger hate and evil in me. Their intent is to ruin and destroy peoples lives. They enjoy and gloat over the suffering of others.This is cruel sick and pure evil. Some of these scum are anonymous and one calls himself Devil Satan and Deadmomfuck while another calls themself Truth. In the Life Sucks/loneliness category one of these despicable scum calls themself Pretty Woman. They have targeted me as their main target and are intent at being a thorn in my life. The evil scumbag who calls himself Devil Satan and Deadmomfuck writes about doing obscene things with my mother and he writes about killing my mother and chopping her into pieces. How evil and low does it get? This is going WAY over the line. I; m supposed to just keep quiet when this degenerate physically threatens my family? Can you not see why I'm a nervous wreck and why there's a hateful side to me? I see evil nearly everywhere and there's ALOT of it on this website. Instead of being a place of moral support these fucking degenerates have turned this website into a sad joke and a stupid travesty of insults and curses. They have ruined it. That's their goal after all; is to ruin. Pure evil personified.They have unleashed the evil hate and anger in me. Evil brings more evil. I want to love and get along but these evil scum only thrive on hate cruelty and in the suffering and misfortunes of others.Their idea of fun is in watching others suffer. Does it get any lower than this? Its no wonder I hate people. There is so much evil in people its sickening. And we have a God who allows this crap. And what are the reason? Because of free will; Adam and Eves sin; the Devil; to test our faith; and because of gods unknowable reason which us humans don;t understand. These are all more or less INSANE reasons to spoil and ruin your creation and to turn the world into a horror movie with thousands to millions of years of evil; sin; suffering; and death. God is deficient in some manner. That's the INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION. I don;t mind being proven wrong.Its up to God to show and prove that He isn't deficient. Why does this God keep silent and secret about it? Why won't He enlighten us and communicate with us? Just what is this unknowable reason He has for allowing thousands to millions of years of all manner of evils tragedies cruelties and horrors in the world? He doesn't even have the decency nor the courtesy to explain to us his reason. Why not communicate with us and clear up this confusion about what the Bible is saying. Set the record straight so we know what to believe and how to live. No he has chosen to remain silent hidden aloof withdrawn. Its pitiful. An absentee landlord is what we have for a God. Its embarrassing as sell as sad and tragic. I'm a Christian of weak faith. There's ALOT to worry about and sooner or later I may end up in a mental hospital. To miss cursed we had an argument on another thread but you seem like a good enough person and a smart enough person. I love you. Take good care of yourself.

By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 21:58

Let me continue. There's a side to me full of HATE. I hate girls and women so much that I no longer want a girlfriend. Ive wasted enough of my time and energy over the last 9 to 16 years trying to get a girlfriend. I have to live without a fucking girlfriend. Most of them suck and are unfriendly. And God created woman to keep man company. What a joke! There's countless thousands of lonely guys all over the world like myself and there's a movement called True Forced Loneliness in this country made up of lonely guys. Its pitiful and it illustrates what a fucked up world this is. Fuck women and fuck humanity. The world is a shithole.

By Jimmy Swaggart at 05,Jul,12 01:27

My fellow brothers and sisters, my Ministry has notified me of this site and specificly this story by a women named Cursed. First and foremost at this time I ask for peace among fellow commenters and I will pray to demise the evil that in flesh has congregated and settled here. The lord Jesus said "love one another, as I have loved you", and the blood of the lamb shall wash away the hatred people share while wearing the mask of the forbidden sanctity of the inner soul on the Internet, my prayers are with you all friends

By anonymous at 29,Jul,12 08:59

I admire your honesty cursed.

By anonymous at 15,Aug,12 18:28

There is no hope for me. The loneliness stabs through me day and night and Im mentally tormented for the last 29 years. Its a slow form of death. This world is a horror movie and the horrors are real. Why doesnt God help me? I should not have been born into such an evil world. It would have been better if I was aborted. Cruelty and evil rules this world not a loving God. The future is a lost cause. More loneliness more mental torment more aggravation more grief more being stuck in a horrible grueling job until I come down with a horrible disease or a horrible injury and my final days spent at a hospital or nursing home and being forced to wear diapers and urine bags. Its nightmarish. Anger bitterness outrage and hate fills me at a cruel humanity and a cruel natural world. Suffering and death are the end results of this cursed broken creation. Its a lost cause.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 18:28

And my final comment on this thread is: Fuck girls and women. I dont want a girlfriend anymore. Most of them are evil scum. God forgot to give them a heart. I dont have a girlfriend and I dont care. Fuck all of you sluts. And fuck humanity. I dont care about girls and I dont care about humanity. I hate people. Im misogynistic misanthropic and pessimistic. The Devil rules this fucked up world.

By anonymous at 23,Aug,12 16:17

I just turned 44 years old and Im still being harassed by these asshole trolls on this website. The world is still a fucked up shithole ruled by the Devil. I still suffer and still hate women and people. I wish I can get away from people.

By anonymous at 25,Aug,12 23:10

I continue. Miss cursed and Jimmy Swaggart if your reading this Im trying to leave this disgusting depraved website. Before I do let me say something to avoid confusion. Especially you miss cursed. Your either very confused or your very stupid and gullible. Im being harassed by more degenerates who are writing horrible lies about me. I call one of these degenerates penis breath and another calls themself Family values ( I call them Asshole values) and that other degenerate who calls himself Broken. They are confusing me with someone else. They are confusing me with another bagger and writing horrible lies about me. DONT believe these degenerates. Theyre all fucking LIARS. Now this homeless bagger your talking about that hangs out with winos and who does blowjobs is NOT me. Its some other bagger and I have no idea who it is. Its NOT me. Im NOT gay and I DONT do blowjobs and I DONT hang out with winos and Im NOT homeless. How many times do I have to write this? Do you need glasses miss cursed? Do you have trouble reading? Do you have a very short memory? Are you stupid? Are you on drugs? Are you believing these liars degenerates and assholes? They are lying and bullshitting and they are writing horrible lies about me. These evil degenerates are LIARS. DONT believe them. Miss cursed wake up. Smarten up miss cursed. Read more carefully. Im the anonymous lonely depressed mentally tormented guy who is floating all over this website and Ive written more stuff above. The reply to Jimmy Swaggart was written by me. Ive been harassed by these evil degenerate assholes throughout this entire website. Thats why I want to leave. Ive had enough of this stupidity and degeneracy. Ive written enough about evil and suffering and about God and the Devil. Im a morally decent person. Im NOT gay and I DONT do blowjobs and I DONT hang out with winos and Im NOT homeless. Can you understand that? How many times do I have say this for you idiots? Your confusing me with someone else and I have no idea who your talking about. Im a 44 year old virgin and Im a morally decent person. You can read more of my writings on this philosophy website and in the religious website and the loneliness website and other websites where I talk about evil and suffering. Im just a single guy and Im up against an evil world and Im up against the Devil. Read my post Im condemned to endless loneliness which I wrote 3 months ago. All throughout this website I have been harassed by these evil degenerate asshole trolls. They enjoy harassing hurting people such as me and they enjoy watching others suffer. Cruel evil sadistic scum describes them. These people are horribly evil. Thats why Im leaving this depraved degenerate website. How much crap can a guy take? Ive had enough. I am drained by writing and Im drained by these degenerate assholes who keep harassing me. Satan the Devil rules this screwed up world not a loving God. Thats all Ive got to say.

By anonymous at 27,Aug,12 17:46

P.S.Theres another character "Father" Mcnalley on one of the attitude threads who is writing horrible lies about me. This shithead is more like a Satanist than a Christian. He is choosing to believe what these degenerate asshole trolls are saying about me. LYING IS A SIN for your information you phony preacher. Charlatan. Your a minister of Satan. You ought to resign. This is disgraceful. He can believe what he wants. I DONT CARE. I cant fix stupid. Such people wouldnt know the truth if it fell on them. Its not my fault these people are stupid and dont know how to read. How many times do I have to write the same thing over and over and over again? They are confusing me with another bagger and I have no idea who they are talking about. That makes no difference to these assholes liars and degenerates. They lie anyway and they harass me anyway. Your a disgrace Mcnalley. And dont call yourself father. Your a disgrace. Your a JOKE. Get lost and leave me alone. All of you. Im trying to get off this disgusting depraved website. The evil on this website is nauseating. Ive had enough of this shit. Let me leave in peace.

By anonymous at 28,Aug,12 01:39

Dear Father Mcnally Im sorry for being rude. This is a big misunderstanding. Those horrible people are lying about me. They are confusing me with another bagger and I have no idea who they are talking about and I have no idea how this baloney started. Please forgive me dear Father.
By anonymous at 03,Sep,12 18:54

Father Mcnally you continue to lie harass and bullshit. You're a minister of Satan. You fucking faggot. You're a DISGRACE. You should resign the priesthood and become a faggot bartendar.You stupid lying corrupt preacher. Someone needs to perform an exorcism on YOU. And this asshole infested website needs an exorcism. This fucking website is a cesspool of evil cruelty depravity degeneracy lying bullshit degradation and stupidity. Satan is running this website.
By anonymous at 06,Sep,12 21:19

Who is the real Father Mcnally? And who is the real just17? There have been imposters on this website impersonating the two of you and impersonating me to confuse and deceive. I dont know who is who and I dont know who to trust. To the REAL Father Mcnally and to the REAL just 17 I will say Im sorry for my rudeness to you. Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding between us. These lying trolls have been impersonating us to cause us to become enemies. Satan is running this accursed website. This demon infested website needs an exorcism.
By Lonely guy at 13,Jan,17 02:12 Fold Up

I am very sorry for my rude comment for the people running this website. I apologize to the people who run this website. I apologize to the administrator. Please forgive me.

By anonymous at 31,Aug,12 23:03

And Sir Paul or rather Sir Fuckwit you are lower than a tapeworm. You suck the shit from Satans ass. Your lower than the sewer you live in you cocksucking assfucking faggot. Fuck you and fuck your mother and fuck your father for giving birth to a piece of puke such as you. Hell was made for you. You fucking puke.
By anonymous at 01,Oct,12 16:56

And Pretty Woman. Fuck you cunt. You evil cruel nasty whore. You were born in an outhouse and they forgot to flush you. You fucking slut.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:37

and my final comment to all you maggots who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.
By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 18:55

And Truth Mercy Big Tex Suicide Sue and others your all evil fucking degenerates who belong IN THE LOWEST BOWELS OF A SEWER. FUCK ALL OF YOU.

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