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12 reasons why you hate your life

Posted by anonymous at November 16, 2009
Tags: November 2009  Philosophical

There抯 really no reason you should hate your life. Many people give excuses as to why they do. Here are 12 common reasons. If you given these excuses then you need to quickly readjust your thinking. When you do, you抣l quickly come to enjoy your life.

1. Your parents ruined your life

Many people complain that their parents raised them wrong, set them up for failure, or didn抰 start a college fund for them. If you can recognize these shortcomings, the you can change the future.

2. You have no money

This is probably the worst excuse. If money is the main reason for your happiness then you will never be happy. Money should not make you enjoy your life or hate it.

3. Your job sucks

If it sucks so much then quit and move on. A bad job should give you motivation to chase your dreams and strive for something better.

4. You have no time

If you have no time to do what you want then you must be letting unimportant tasks get the best of you. There抯 many times when we think something is important or urgent, but in reality it isn抰. Recognize when you do this and change your focus to what you desire. Eliminate the unnecessary things that we all have and instantly you抣l have more time.

5. You have no one

Many times people抯 depression and reason for hating life is because they feel alone. It抯 one of Maslow抯 Hierarchy of Needs. Everyone must feel that they are wanted and have friends. When you don抰 feel like you have anyone, you become depressed. But being depressed isn抰 going to do any better, it抯 going to chase people further away.

6. You抮e a failure

People say they抮e failures when they don抰 accomplish something. But they always forget to recall or recognize the successes they抳e had in the past. You will never be a failure as long as you continue. And you never fail to learn from failure. Failure is great.

7. You抳e done nothing with your life

If you抳e done nothing productive with your life then get going! Start now or start tomorrow. It抯 never too late or too early.

8. You抮e bored

If you抮e bored with your job and life, then you aren抰 challenging yourself enough. You抳e settled with mediocrity. Start dreaming. Write down your dreams and goals, and how you can achieve them. Your life will become exciting in no time.

9. You抮e stuck

Many people hate their lives because they feel like they抮e getting no where fast. Whether it be debt and bills or a bad job, you can begin to plan your escape right now. Create a plan with hundreds of little steps and take at least one step everyday. Once you do so you抮e becoming unstuck and before you know it you抳e escaped.

10. You let others get to you

You may hate your life because you listen too much to others. Don抰 listen to naysayers and negative opinions. Don抰 let others make you hate your life. Most of the time those who make you feel that way, hate their own lives.

11. You抳e stopped yourself

Many of those who hate their lives, do so because they didn抰 follow through with their dreams. YOU are the most important factor to YOUR joy and happiness.

12. You抮e too negative

If you hate your life then you抮e too negative. Change your attitude and you抣l enjoy your life.


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